Mr. Jet Black: “Ambidextrous” is moving his artistic trajectory forward!

Mr. Jet Black’s album, entitled “Ambidextrous”, has been described as unique, different, brutally honest and perfectly executed. The album features some unmatchable beats plus it’s got two classic cuts: “I Don’t” Ft. Vitani and “Keep’em Wating” Ft. Mitchy Slick. The real music starts from the very first track “Aint’ Worried’Bout Much” (ft. Big Klef, Vitani & Sheph D), which is a banger that stomps along on a crushing bass line before giving way to an incredibly melodic chorus. Mr. Jet Black is in attack mode, with solid, rapid-firing lines and spitting his full on pimping slang. This one’s repeat worthy.

Not only does Mr. Jet Black have rhymes that crackle and pop, but his delivery is the most entertaining and refreshing you’ll hear on any rap album around right now. He has a natural charisma that just takes over and there isn’t one skip song on this.

The lyrics are filled playa and gangsta rap flavors but still have an element of playfulness and fun. The production has an overall feeling that can’t be duplicated because the funky production and extremely good, production and Mr. Jet Black’s one of a kind lyrical delivery and natural flow complement each other so well.

When people say this is the kind of blueprint for what should be coming from the Bay area, that statement is more than accurate. It’s really hard to take this out of the player; I spun this 5 times in row before taking it out just yesterday. And even avoiding the aforementioned addicting singles, just how do you ignore tracks like “On The Low” and “Cloth I’m Cut From”?

Mr. Jet Black remains consistent throughout the album in the lyrical and flowing department, he is spitting like it’s still the 90s. Mr. Jet Black’s lyrical style revolves around the fact that he’s incredibly well-rounded, being able to tell speedy stories, show off flashy punch-lines, and work both of those factors into tracks that function as whole as opposed to just nips and pieces.

He plays his lyrics in a way that he’s ready for any quotable page. He especially brings the heat on “Position” (ft. Calvin Rose) and “Looking For Real” and while Mr. Jet Black’s lyrical strength was to be expected, what wasn’t is the production which is ace as well. The album has a noticeable amount of bounce throughout.

If “Ambidextrous” pushes Mr. Jet Black’s artistic trajectory forward, it does so through both the instrumentals and the rapper’s skillset. His voice is booming and apocalyptic from top to bottom, as he raps with the timbre and vigorous intensity of a street-corner preacher. One of the rhymer’s biggest strengths is being so decisively sharp on this record and the beats here give him the space to do just that.

It’s impossible to deny how strong this album is. His solid storytelling and beat selection prove the rapper is in his groove musically and artistically on this album. Mr. Jet Black sounds comfortable with his position in the game at least that much seems apparent with the top-notch rap album he dropped here for those willing to listen.


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