Altuz: “I’m Gone” – the ability to rhyme like a sage!

Dan Altuz, known by the hip-hop name Altuz, is a musician, magician, filmmaker, and podcast host from Long Island, New York. Through his career path as a music video director, shooter, and editor, he’s taken to the world of Hip-Hop as a recording artist, songwriter, and record producer. “I’m Gone” is released as a single after appearing on the album “Motion”, which debuted in 2016. Altuz is building a nice catalog just like other more talked about rappers but more quietly.

Dan Altuz
Dan Altuz

The final product here is a single with strong lyrics and a purpose. Altuz is able to effectively convey his purpose while not shoving it in your face, something he achieves on most of his tracks.

There is a special aura around Altuz that makes him sound like one of underground hip-hop’s music’s elite artists. Of course the root of this high regard is result of a few key elements: Superior quality control, distinctively important lyrical content, excellent flow and wordplay, plus the all evasive – for independent artists at least – quality visual material to support his songs.

Simultaneously, the mastery of his words are mixed with a superlatively edgy and banging beat which reaffirms the strengths of his endeavors from the past, present and probably the future.

A large part of Hip hop is all about attitude, and if an emcee has enough of it, he can make reading a Burger King menu sound like an Armageddon threat. Altuz’s fiery cadences make him one of the most listenable underground rappers around.

This single appeared seemingly from nowhere for me, and for me it not displays that Altuz has the ability to rhyme like a sage, but he is doing it with a sense of hunger. He flows flawlessly over the bass bombast electronic production and minces words and syllables like a God emcee from the golden era.

Hip-hop, admittedly, has gone downhill since the much beloved and highly revered 90s era. It’s unfortunately gone downhill in the most important aspect: the mainstream sphere, where hip-hop is used to reach the ears of potential listeners. It’s just not as powerful as it used to be, back in the 90s.

Altuz is a talented hip-hop artist looking to transition the rap game in a more thought-provoking and lyrically strengthened direction. He does this without overlooking the 21st century’s package of futuristic beats or it’s bent for creative visuals. The hip-hop world – well, those of us who have already discovered him – probably can’t wait to hear what Altuz has planned next!



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