Joshua Francis: “The Show” – hit replay and let the adrenaline keep flowing!

It takes tremendous vision, focus and determination – combined with a mega-dose of God-given talent, charisma and soul – to create music that becomes indelibly ingrained in the fabric of our senses. This is what eclectic and hardworking modern-day troubadour, Joshua Francis achieves with the song “The Show”. Running through his catalog you realize how broad his musical spectrum is. You will find music that sways between simple acoustic guitar-strummed folk songs, as well more lusciously layered Americana based arrangements featuring electric guitars, harmonicas, pianos and mandolins – all instruments which Joshua himself plays. However more than anything else you will discover Joshua Francis’ dynamic and often melodramatic voice thundering its way through these songs.

“The Show” is taken from the album entitled “Rich’s”, which finds Joshua working with his friend Richard K Montgomery who did the orchestral arrangements on the songs, as well as engineered, and co-produced the album. The track was so different to anything else I had heard from Joshua that I had to listen to the whole album just to get an idea of what was going on. But I got too many ideas and had to scrap the thought, before I confused myself.

There are almost no two songs that sound alike on “Rich’s”, one moment Joshua Francis sounds like Steve Earle, the next his on a showtune like Neil Diamond. At times he showcases the visceral energy of Tom Waits, and then the near dramatic power of Josh Groban. So not being able to pin Joshua down in any one corner, I just stuck with “The Show”.

The words are sharp and the orchestral music driving, while Joshua’s full, rich voice resonates as it always has. Sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy music that will take your blood pressure down and make you smile. Other times you will be down in the dumps, and need quite the opposite to happen, if you’re to make it through the day.

Joshua Francis and “The Show” is your remedy – very powerful and heartfelt, it will lift you out of the doldrums .The message reels you in and the music will blast you off to the moon. This song is grand, in every aspect. Just crank up the volume and get lost in its splendor. When you’re ready come back down to your place…don’t, hit replay and let the adrenaline keep flowing!

If you love the goodness of life this is an adventure well worth basking in. I challenge you to experience it. Listen to it all at least three times in row. I think you’ll find your toes tapping, your fingers moving and your soul lighting up to the exhilarating sounds dancing all around in your head. Throw away your inhibitions, close your eyes and jump into “The Show”. Remember that everything Joshua writes and produces is available for free on Soundcloud!

MORE ABOUT JOSHUA FRANCIS: When he is not recording, Joshua Francis is touring the country, playing live at a variety of venues. He is a regular at Thorn Cross Prison, Warrington where he performs concerts for what he calls his “jailhouse flock”. Joshua has also played the KingsStock Christian music festival in 2015, while other important performances include the Strawberry Fair in 2016 and playing in front of Terry Waite C.B.E. for homeless charity Emmaus UK’s 25th anniversary in Cambridge. Joshua has also made several records for charity, including an EP for mental health charity ‘Rethink’. Joshua Francis has received radio airplay all over the UK, North and South America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He is also a regular guest on HCR104fm radio based in Huntingdon and Flame Christian & Community Radio in Birkenhead.


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