“Believe” the new song by Mark Senger, connects at many levels

“Believe”, the new song by Mark Senger is thoroughly enjoyable, remarkably relevant and surprisingly nostalgic all at the same time. A song, so superbly organized takes the listener on a ride of highs and lows, hope, moodiness and celebration. Lyrically smart with a great mix of metaphor and cliché “Believe” connects at many levels. It is apparent from the opening bars of the song that Senger is capable of pouring a great deal of energy and emotion into his music, and that he is capable of reaching deep down inside of himself to turn very dark subject matter into some seriously spectacular music. That’s quite a feat, when you think about it.

I’m not sure whether “Believe” is autobiographical or not, but if it is, Senger shows that he is talented enough to use music as an outlet for his trials and tribulations, and does an incredible job at it. Listen to this and you will understand what it takes to write a great emotional pop-rock song. From the opening ominous string section, to the final strains of the shimmering guitars this track grabs you by the heart and forces you to tag along in time as the narrative unfolds before you.

Mark Senger has an ability to both get you singing along and slowly tapping your feet while also clearly conveying his own take on whatever the subject matter happens to be. If you love harmonic pop rock, then know that Senger has updated this style with a modern edge, showing he is an amazing artist and a creative writer. The production and especially the mix on this track is also sensational for indie work.

It’s no easy feat to balance the many layers this cut offers into a listenable package, between acoustic and electric instruments, but Mark Senger makes them all audible within the song. The appreciative fan will recognize that Senger makes his music his way because it stirs something within himself, not because a record label or radio station or fan dictates how his music should sound.

MORE ABOUT MARK SENGER: Growing up in a home where he was inspired by his father, an accomplished jazz guitarist, Mark Senger began teaching himself to play guitar at 7 years old. His early musical influences were Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, and U2. In his late teens, Mark became a songwriter and the guitarist for The Generics, a group that played venues throughout the southeast for 6 years. Now, Mark’s credits include songwriter, musician, and music producer at Senger Music Productions, as well as recording engineer at Senger Studios in Atlanta, GA.


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