Virgo Bandz: “Time” – polished, easily digestible and endlessly catchy!

Virgo Bandz is an upcoming artist who was born in Santa Monica California raised in Orange County. Virgo Started his rap career a year ago when he decided to take it seriously. He has already done shows with artists such as 21Savage, and opened up for Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and other artists in observatory in orange country. At the beginning of 2018 he went on tour with Uno The Activist, Warhol.SS and Fauni Figueroa.  Virgo Bandz, who has appeared in various magazines and specialist video platforms, has now dropped his very latest single, entitled “Time”, which has already hit one million views.

Virgo Bandz is in full-on, exuberant melodic mode, right from the start of this song. He continues performing in the signature pop-rap style which is all the rave now, with agile rhymes, exhibiting a smooth free-running flow. The instrumental, produced by Yungpoolboy, with its thudding bass kick provides a nice contrast to Virgo’s more exuberant, emotional style.

This creates a crowd pleasing status for a song that is as enjoyable, as it is transcendent. With the current success of Trap, “Time”, was bound to be twisted, morphed and incorporated its hypnotics. Which it is.

The production work generally is light and mellow in quality, with a relatively simple palette of sounds – keyboard, synths, and sleek drum programming – which is a perfect fit for the narrative. The good news for Virgo Bandz’s fans is the fact that he steps up his game on this one. This is a trap-rap track that’s chocked-full of eargasmic tricks, showing that Virgo is definitely a step or two above the SoundCloud rappers

The rub of the track is that he has opted for a truly deep, transcendent sound that reverberates with chill vibes.  The next step in his development as an artist is obviously to dig even deeper.  Virgo Bandz is one of those artists that seem to have come up out of the blue and catch you by surprise. “Time” is filled with a style that fans have grown to love about modern urban music – a nice banging beat, an energetic auto-tuned voice, and a wistful melody.

Even disregarding the great production, Virgo’s vocal performance is incredibly on point and shows no flaws. Meeting the astronomical expectations I placed on it. Virgo Bandz’s melodies are quaintly nonpareil, showcasing an ability to create a soaring, catchy melody out of thin air, replete with strategic counterpoints. Those elements, combined with the production makes for a potent crossover combination for the perfect pop storm. This is a clear high water mark for Virgo Bandz.

Virgo refines his smooth groove in “Time” – it’s polished, easily digestible and endlessly catchy, taking his precious sound one step further and innovating even more. It’s a great move ahead, and definitely shows that he has a lot more ammo than some of his one trick pony contemporaries. It is a polished, easily digestible and endlessly catchy.


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