Ranos: “Linger In My Bed” – excellent harmonic progression!

Ranos is a 25 years old singer-songwriter, and musician, from Tel Aviv, who earlier this year released his single “Linger In My Bed”. The track, written and composed by Ranos, and based on his life experiences, is also supported by a beautiful video shot in Norway. “Linger In My Bed”, is a heart-stopping track, with Ranos’ voice sustaining a delicate, seemingly impossible apex. Ranos is locked-in vocally regarding overall finesse, but still delivers bite, edge, and grit. He shows off his upper register, exhibiting a smoothness that is incredibly unexpected but highly effective.


On the verses, Ranos maintains a sense of poise and restrain, while supported by ample rhythm, carried by the guitars and drums. Likewise, his melody is rhythmic, which he drives to the listener until the spirited chorus takes over, leading to the horns which further accentuate the record.

Beyond the vocals, the sound of this record shines. The instrumentation throughout is flawless, with careful guitar, exacting percussion, and shimmering keyboard swirls all blending into a signature smooth indie pop sound.

Frankly speaking, the skill evinced on “Linger In My Bed” is undeniable. It is also characterized by an excellent harmonic progression, while the funky rhythm dominates.  The song is full of catchy pop styled elements, which draws from a number of genres, with the additional Ranos vocal quirks necessary to let the track stand out and breathe.

Ranos goes on lyrical rampage centered on love and a relationship that has absorbed his life. The rhythm section is on its tightest game throughout, displaying a unique, bustling organic sound. It’s full, robust, and with constant dynamic instrumental activity.

The Cover Artwork

The sweet existential wanderings, and the rhythm section, the real triumph of the entire effort, alongside Ranos’ vocals, deliver a groove that you can really bite on. This is a song that will sound great live. It is also the kind of song that you can add to the playlist of your life’s soundtrack.

The emotional heart of “Linger In My Bed” has an undercurrent of disillusion and vulnerability buried under the music, as Ranos sings: “You were never there, when I needed you the most. You demolished all my innocence, and left me all alone.”

Yet Ranos maintains a sliver of contrasting sentiment in the chorus and final refrain: “So sad, and so mad! I want your smell, to linger in my bed! Still want your smell, to linger in my bed!” I suggest to everyone that you pick up this single release for a blast of something totally unexpected and diverse in the age of harsh electronic music.

Ranos is definitely on a creative roll here, and this track highlights his best attributes: the many variations of his voice, his guitar, and his phenomenal storytelling lyrics. He’s a great musician and songwriter with a unique voice to match.



One thought on “Ranos: “Linger In My Bed” – excellent harmonic progression!

  1. heard the song and watched the clip.. its really an amazing “story telling” music and beautiful harmony of instruments to remember…. Comes from the heart and touchs the heart… watch this guy… he will go far away with his music! No doubt.

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