Samuel Yuri: “Versions of the Sun” relies on intense progression, dynamics and rich texture

Is Samuel Yuri concerned about nature or its powers? I’m not sure, but his song titles certainly reflect a strong interest in nature’s elements – among them ,“Storm”, “Clear Clouds”, and “The Sun”. This latter title has seen Yuri rework the instrumental music of his original release, “Arab Theme I”, which became “The Sun”. He has now evolved the track into two more versions, entitled “Die Sonne” and “Le Soliel”, which are respectively German and French language adaptions of the collective project which is aptly titled “Versions of the Sun”.

The EP is not ultra-heavy but is elevated to incredible intricate sonic architecture that relies on intense progression, dynamics, and rich texture. The songs flow in and out of heavy and clean parts, like a wave of clouds passing under the sun, seamlessly with incredible melody.

The songs really keep on changing, never leaving a boring feeling or any repetitiveness. The drumming throughout the entire EP is really effective. It is technically flawless, but also tastefully and fittingly done, blending in so perfectly with the music, while the clean guitars in the refrains add rich melody and atmosphere.

The vocals are deep and moody, with a strong Middle Eastern flavor – notwithstanding the German and French vocals – permeating the sound spectrum, which is grungy but never aggressive. Each language and chant-like melody certainly fits the type of music, and you will quickly learn to like them even if you don’t understand the lyrics.

Both “Die Sonne” and “Le Soliel” start with a quick tumbling drum beat and crunchy, twisting guitars lines which are layered to form a very unique melody, very soon adding the vocals. The cleaner, instrumental sections in this song are some of Samuel Yuri’s best. Near the end the song slowly gets calmer and fades out with the guitars taking up the sonic spectrum.

“Versions of the Sun” is just an incredible, majestic, grunge-induced, yet atmospheric journey full of monumental riffs, melodic vocals, and ambient, majestic melodic passages that will not only envelop and embrace your mind, but carry you away into a vast, unknown world of unlimited imagination as well.

More or less in the same way as most other Samuel Yuri musical pieces interact with your psyche and emotions. One minute his musical arrangements can be crushingly heavy dark, and the next minute it can be peaceful, relaxing and melodic.

Samuel Yuri knows when to churn on heavy riffs, and he also knows when to turn it down a notch with calm, relaxing melodic parts as well. The bass just ripples and pulsates throughout the EP with soothing and hypnotic perfection. Again, I cannot stress enough, how the drumming is just absolutely powerful and pungent throughout.

And it showcases Yuri’s uncanny ability to bury reams of hooks under a cascading, monolithic wall of noise which at first, appear impenetrable. An impressive evolution from “Arab Theme I”, and “The Sun”, “Versions of the Sun” certainly whets the appetite for what Samuel Yuri may do next.

MORE ABOUT: Based São Paulo, Brazilian composer and musician, Samuel Yuri, started his musical pathway by studying the guitar and combined with his singing skills began recording at Lumen Studios in 2017, as well as mixing with producer Martin Guderle at Tonewarp Studios. It is here that Yuri began preparing his debut album, “Epic Scales”, which was inspired by several influences taken from Western to Arabian Rock as well as Classical Music.


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