Gammatoid: “VIDA” as much futuristic as it is classic!

Gammatoid is a 7-year experienced music producer from Columbus Ohio, who generates streams by the tens of thousands on a monthly basis. He spreads his musical wings from the groovy styles of Electro-Swing to the ear-shattering bombs of Dubstep. He recently dropped his double sided single “VIDA”. The recording includes the tracks “VIDA” ft. Milkcatt and “Behind” ft. Turtle Bay. Regarded as one of the most impressive up and coming music producers on the current underground and independent electronic music scene, we can safely say Gammatoid commands his spot as one of the industry’s most eclectic creators. The American electronic magician is building his career on the most atypical arrangements you could imagine.

Hence, strap in and prepare yourself for the latest sounds from Gammatoid another round of musical bizarreness. At first glance, “VIDA” is masterclass of contrasting crossovers that can only be described as Gammatoid at his best.

“VIDA” ft. Milkcatt starts off like a thundering dubstep-centric explosion before morphing into an expansive jazz swing with pianos and horns fluttering and flowing all over the place. The track demonstrates the producer’s ability not to be limited by a single sound and style as he spans multiple influences throughout a mere three minutes. It’s as much futuristic as it is classic in its execution and intent.

Stripping back all the ingredients of an electronic banger and delivering an emotive electro-jazz production, Gammatoid shows that when it comes to impressive swing-design this track is instantly infectious. Its spacey 8-bit sounds, fervent keys, and pulsating synth brass will cause a storm, and elate listeners, right through to their soul.

The track is a fitting way to start out a spectacular double-sided single. “VIDA” ft. Milkcatt includes unprecedented cross-genre stylings while reflecting Gammatoid’s deep interest in futurism.

This next chapter “Behind” ft. Turtle Bay is a continuation of the single’s narrative which now takes a sentimental twist, and features some fine melodic vocals. Good things happen when Gammatoid is behind the boards – it’s a fact. But the goodness becomes even better with the added vocals.

The singer’s contributions certainly contribute to the chill, easy-going, and ear-catching nature of the song. His crystalline, youthful tone is awesome.  Of course, he gets plenty of help from the almost playful musical backdrop.

This is a whimsical electro-chill song that has incredible crossover pop appeal.  The production is awesome, the vocals are on point, and the songwriting is memorable. The double sided single “VIDA”, is a track that will garner a lot of attention from listeners curious to see what a Jazz Swing and Electronic crossover sounds like. It’s melding of the genres is easy on the ears and proves that there is more to electronic music than just bangers, breaks and drops.

Contrary to popular belief, Electronic music, is not a genre in which it is easy to make it big. It is a lot like the pop scene, or even like the rock scene, where you have a lot of artists churning out very similar sounding material.

It becomes increasingly difficult to cut out a niche for yourself, and when you do, you have to cling to that niche and fend off anybody who could possibly threaten your claim to fame. This is surely not a problem that Gammatoid will have to face in the current scene, as he is totally committed to his own lane, with no-one else in sight for miles!


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