Lyndon Rivers – “Forming of Stars” Ft. Cory Friesenhan unfolds its story

“Forming of Stars” Ft. Cory Friesenhan is the new track by Australian-based EDM/POP producer Lyndon Rivers. Sonically enriched and satisfying to the ear, the track starts fresh and enthralling, building up to mountain size, with a serious query for notoriety-seeking millennials and the social era junkies in general – are we all becoming a timeline, in the search for would-be celebrity? Lyndon Rivers evinces his musical depth whenever in taste, his influences ranging from pure electro to dance pop and anywhere in between. This one weighs in with a blend of new wave and tropical flavors. Hence it’s as futuristic as it is nostalgic. Cory Friesenhan takes on the track, caressing listeners with his expressive ostinatos. The exuberance of the vocal and musical combination, permeates the good-vibes-inducing upstroke rhythm. Leaving the listener is pleasingly engaged.

“Forming of Stars” effortlessly turns out its electronic pop melody and gracefully swoons forward on the mid-tempo beat, lyrically unfolding its story. As usual, Lyndon Rivers delivers a coherent and blatantly headstrong vibe. Rivers and singer Cory Friesenhan have gone about the task in a tidy, diligent fashion with which they craft their fantastically catchy single.

If you are looking for new and original melodies, this track holds the gems and golden nuggets of old school musicality, yet it serves as a refreshing experience for anyone in the mood, not just to dance, but to listen.

An overarching theme has been found. A consistent production style has been applied. Making “Forming of Stars” unmistakably the work of an efficient singles producer — and a highly impressive one to be sure, adept at working flavorsome musical motifs into the usually formulaic structures of mainstream dance-pop.

Lyndon Rivers knows how to write a damn good pop song, and “Forming of Stars” is a perfect example of his prowess. But he is also creative enough to always allow a veil of quirkiness to infiltrate his compositions – whether in the beat, the melody or the arrangement. This happens in the breakdown after the 2nd chorus on “Forming of Stars”, where the songs takes a rapid left turn before returning to its original course.

“A feeling of elation, a floating sensation, a forming of stars. A caption in a lifetime, a moment of timeline, is all that we are,” is immediately memorable. The chords and vocals are superbly simple, and the transition to the euphoric chorus is smooth, setting the song apart from its inefficiently maximalist peers: here is a track which uses every element efficiently to form something wonderful.

The song is simply efficacious in its intent, and represents how well Lyndon Rivers can do when he’s on point. Assigning Rivers to a specific genre isn’t particularly a simple task to fulfil, as each of his subsequent releases take a different turn. But ‘electronic’, ‘pop’ and ‘dance’ are words that regularly arise when describing his music.

Lyndon Rivers is fascinating in that he genuinely does entice us with a brand-spanking flavor of these elements on each release.


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