Haniz – “Impending Violence” – a brilliantly explosive and intelligent musical presentation

Haniz is a solo artist based in Dubai, mainly focused on Rock and Metal music, who works from his own studio. Everything about his latest single “Impending Violence” just fits and flows so perfectly together. The timing of the music is impeccable, the vocals in the song has such passion, and goes together with the lyrics perfectly, the grinding guitar riffs and the soaring choruses turns this song into an intense, deep, rhythmic, and melodic explosion of sound. Haniz crafted a musical masterpiece with this, and while I know music is subjective, this truly is one of my favorite rock listening experiences this year. One piece of advice: When you listen to “Impending Violence”, give it the most volume you can because hearing how much care and detail was put into the song makes it an experience.

The range of the piece really grabs me. It starts out with a consistently building synth bassline before the crushing guitars come and leads us to the quiet drop, which allows Haniz to bring the softer nuances of his vocal prowess. From there on, the artist weaves together some of the most intense sounds you’ll experience this year, and delivers them right when they are needed.

It is overwhelming to hear all the tiny additions to the arrangement of the song. There’s an energy and a passion that plays through the track. You can tell that Haniz wasn’t out to make a quick buck or sell out to a commercial sound.

Haniz took his skillset and created something so beautiful, so heavy, and somewhat hypnotic that the title “Impending Violence” truly fits here. The track has an insane riff that continues through the entire song, riding the very solid, pulse pounding and dynamic percussion the whole way.

It shows a level of musical sophistication that one would be hard pressed to find in other hardcore rock tracks today. The relentless guitars, the catchy riffing, and the vocal delivery – these are only a part of what’s really going on. It’s the composition and the overall arrangement that truly impacts alongside the aforementioned elements, with moments of building tension and driving adrenaline.

Haniz helps the song move forward with power and solid instrumental frills, providing insane dynamics in his stylization. The opening of “Impending Violence” prepares the listener for what is about to come (which in all intentions is a massive positive), introducing us to elements that only get stronger as the record progresses.

Intense drumming with heftier guitar riffs and high flying vocals. The balance in all this comes from the combination of Haniz’s ability in front of, and behind the boards. With his precise timing and technicality, he spaces and structures the song to embody its own chemistry.

“Impending Violence” is epic in its ambition, and there are plenty of detours, instrumental breaks and shifts in the track’s almost four minutes. The song is focused on full-scale progressions of melody, and occupied with creating an atmosphere.

Hence even though “Impending Violence” is heavy and powerful; everything on it is meticulously thought-out, and not just crushing bombast. In the process Haniz comes up with a brilliantly explosive and intelligent musical presentation.


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