Nigel Walton Releases His Album “RCA 44” To Great Acclaim!

Having recently completed his first album, “RCA 44” of both original songs and covers to great acclaim with 14 Records of Royal Leamington Spa, Nigel Walton is much in demand as a session vocalist for his unique smooth, mellow tones in his favourite musical styles of light jazz and blues. Following the release of “RCA 44”, it recently aired on Toronto Jazz Radio Berlin Jazz Radio, North Carolina’s Jazz Radio, Pennsylvania big band radio the UK 40s and 50s Radio, Chat and Spin Radio of Tyne and Wear, and Manx Radio,

Following a promising audience with Donna Soto Morettini, one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s vocal coaches where she remarked that he sang “most beautifully”, Nigel Walton may well yet have his sights set on one of the big London musical shows!


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