DaSkeeT – “Orbit Altitude” – an underlying sense of bravado and flare

DaSkeeT is a project by Houston TX artist Roscoe Hanner, who has just released his second album, entitled “Orbit Altitude”. The eight track recording showcases the talents of seven different producers, yet maintains a cohesive sonic aura. Continuing his never-ending confidence, and an appealing flow DaSkeeT reveals track by track, exactly what he’s getting at with his new release. This album is a groovy, intense, yet somber experience that had me playing it from start to finish several times. As a fan of his style and groovy aesthetics, I can say I thoroughly enjoy the album. It’s in DaSkeeT’s melodious baritone, stark mantra flow, and lower case snark that “Orbit Altitude” is most effective in its duskily epic tones. Guided by the spacey cinematic soundscapes, punctuated by the percolating bass lines and overt hip-hop rhythmic underpinnings, DaSkeeT submerges the listener into the deep crevices of his mindset and experiences.

“Orbit Altitude” offers us a break from the monotonous globs of trap and pop. The record alternates between moderately-paced, confident declarations of the heart, and slower, more vulnerable attempts at understanding the experiences of love and life. At times it sounds like pure ecstasy with a dark twist.

But through it all, it seems like a journey that explores what comes between the highest and lowest point of our existence. The album has an emotional sophistication and a brutal honesty that is often absent in a genre that too often indulges in feeble themes. The result is straightforward and relatable tracks, yet loaded with inherent meaning.

Opening up with the alternative cinematic motif on “Alive”, and then moving through the mesmerizing bang of “High Views”, before settling on the synth and guitar driven slow burn of “Bright”, it quickly becomes clear that DaSkeeT’s greatest talent is not only for writing efficient melodies and memorable hooks that anybody can relate to, but his skill in building atmospherically dense storytelling.

There’s an element of organic warmth on most songs that complement the emotional and immediate nature of the album quite well. You can easily pick this vibe up on “Relationship Virgin” and “Call Me”. This is great body of work from a talented rapper. No two songs sound the same, and each track seems to symbolize a new chapter in DaSkeeT’s life.

I commend the artist for continuing to stretch his sound and carry his artistry to unexpected places. He diligently carves out a respectable space with the melodious “Space Flyer”, and then confirms his urban groove on “Workout Partner” and the bounce of “Koolaid” (feat. A-Mike the Atypical).

DaSkeeT has evolved into one of hip-hop’s most genuine and introspective characters. While “Orbit Altitude” is the artist’s most polished effort to date, it’s also his most visceral.

DaSkeeT’s voice can be emotionally compelling and the bonus of his technical ability shines through, making his rapping razor sharp on most tracks. Throughout the project, the rapper manages to outline the full scope of both his emotional and artistic intentions, always maintaining an underlying sense of bravado and flare. An undoubtedly difficult balance to strike.


YouTube | http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHKB9aZslX1bDpbasmicLg

Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/daskeetartist

Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/daskeetartist

Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/daskeet

DatPiff | http://www.datpiff.com/profile/daskeetartist

iTunes | http://music.apple.com/us/album/orbit-altitude/1485235410

SoundCloud | https://soundcloud.com/daskeet/sets/orbit-altitude

Spotify | http://open.spotify.com/album/6LzrWHRFC7SrjsqnMLnRAJ

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