Todd Barrow – “Rain or Shine” stays in his always-freshly-paved lane!

The award-winning Texas singer-songwriter, Todd Barrow has racked up many accolades – from a PRSA Award of Excellence, to an Akademia Award for Best Country Album, and a whole lot in-between. Barrow has appeared on television shows and shared the stage with some of Country music’s best craftsmen. A multi-instrumentalist who excels on the piano, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and drums, Barrow also writes songs, both for himself and other artists. His catalog showcases hard driving up-tempo numbers, to slow burning ballads.

Now Todd Barrow has just dropped his latest mid-tempo ear-catcher, entitled “Rain or Shine”. Since his first release, Barrow has emerged as a consistent country performer, who can go from a very sad song to a runaway fun song in a heartbeat.

Moreover, Todd Barrow has established himself as an authentic new voice in country music. Equally capable and adept regardless of the tone of song at hand, Barrow never over-sings; his vocal performance is always pitch perfect and smooth. “Rain or Shine” confirms the previous statements, and more.

Barrow doesn’t drop the ball once here, and utilizes his striking vocal ability to keep you hooked. The lyrics: “Rain or shine, I’m gonna love you. I don’t mind waiting all night. Yeah it’s okay, you don’t care about me anyway. But I just can’t drink you off my mind,” makes it clear what his mindset is, on this track.

Todd Barrow stays in his always-freshly-paved lane, making subtle changes to get around the bends and trends in the road. He strongly straddles the contemporary country genre with subtle hints towards classic country. Hence a track like “Rain or Shine” will appeal to traditionalists as much as it ensures success with the modern crowd.

Barrow’s got energy and sincerity, with a perfect amount of grit. All of which comes across as a ragged charm that works, allowing Todd Barrow to establish himself as an adept songwriter and an engaging performer, continuing his upward climb within the genre.

“Rain or Shine” features a glistening earthy production and a mesmerizing mid-tempo beat as Barrow reminisces of a relationship on the rocks. His emotive singing shines through, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Barrow is an accomplished and clever writer but I feel like he’s really upped his game on this track.

The way he uses the cadence of the lyrics in this song is excellent: simple, front-porch poetry sort of stuff, not hi-brow at all, and incredibly effective. Vulnerability and honesty come to the fore here. Relatable lyrics, heartfelt delivery and an ability to pen a chorus that cuts deep down within your consciousness and won’t let go, easily makes this one of Todd Barrow’s better recordings.

The all-round balance of “Rain or Shine” is perfect for a mainstream commercial Country track. With its arrival, Todd Barrow has once again announced his arrival as a major player on the scene. If you want to kick back, crank up the music and sink a few beers, while you pamper your afflicted, but unbending heart, then “Rain or Shine” is the soundtrack you simply can’t live without.



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