Las Vegas Hip-Hop duo ALVMNII continues to provide real lyricism and truth on their single “NEW WORLD ORDER” produced by Kato On The Track. Check out the music video and follow them on social media!

ALVMNII are extremely talented lyricists; clever rhymes, technically sound, intensely intelligent and witty. Add this to the fact that the track slaps, and you are in for a rousing eargasm reminiscent of that classic 90’s sound that so many people bitch and moan about missing and saying that it’s nonexistent. It’s there you just have to dig a bit deeper than you used to. ALVMNII are technicians on the microphone, hitting you with a precise flow in each verse, while maintaining a charismatic personalities.

“NEW WORLD ORDER” is a demonstration of just how smart, insightful and straight-forward good rap can be. It also a track that will evoke a deep and profound psychological reaction, in these confusion times. It is a recording that is a raw un-distilled manifestation of the artists’ creative power, combined with the technical ability to polish it into a shining diamond that speaks volumes on the current global situation. It is this perspective that makes ALVMNII stand out from their contemporaries. Their music is still pure, unaffected by label demands, budget constraints, and any pressure from the “NEW WORLD ORDER”.

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