Temperature Falls – “Solace” – an impressive demonstration of the duo’s deft sonic manipulation

Temperature Falls have found a way to innovate within the trip-hop/alternative rock genre while making songs with sincere emotions and a clarity of vision that is maintained throughout the entire catalog. The hooks and melodies are memorable, and there’s a wide variety of styles, featuring some excellent, often very impacting lyrics. The duo based in Oslo, Norway, made up of vocalist/lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, have churned out a series of impressive singles, as well as their debut self-titled album in 2019.

Camilla has one of the most alluring voices in underground popular music right now. It has always been the anchor for the music Temperature Falls have made. It is the reason why, even in their oddest moments, they remain listenable and enjoyable. Now we are here again with their 2020 single, “Solace”.

Ian J. Ward, delivers warm, simple piano keys, played over sweeping, lush strings. Add some drums and a handful of stray hi-hat strands, and a clashing sword-like sound. All beautifully understated, with of course, Camilla’s heavenly vocal cords.

Oh, that voice. A delicate, seductive croon, that buoys the track up without ever intruding on the electronic effects or pace. Camilla in convincing the listener that electronica sounds so much better with a female voice behind it.

Evocative and sensual, she’s never sounded more comfortable with the material Temperature Falls put out. Close your eyes, sit back, and play “Solace” at full volume. Let the beautiful vocals, gorgeous melody, and wonderfully understated orchestral sounds engulf you into a dream world.

Ian J. Ward complements Camilla’s haunting vocals perfectly which its dreamy landscape. This keeps a wonderful ethereal rhythm throughout. “Solace” has all the abstract qualities that we know Temperature Falls for: moody electronica and evocative synth and piano waves.

Beneath the glamorous and perfectionist sheen of the music, Camilla’s lyrics are a combination of introspection, yearning, and discovery and a twist of mysticism – a contrast to some of electronic music’s darkness and hedonism. Her verses are like word paintings adding another thread to weave into the tapestry; another color to add to the texture of the soundscape. There’s lots to think about here, and great music to do it to.

In the underground music business, Temperature Falls are currently forerunners in combining hypnotic landscapes with lush electronica, and dreamy contemplative vocals. They reach that top-tier level of a track that might compete for one of the year’s best. It’s an impressive demonstration of the duo’s deft sonic manipulation.

The more I listen to “Solace”, the more surprises and layers I find to it. In fact, I keep listening to really appreciate what’s going on underneath as well. Masterfully crafted, emotionally rich, the track is well worth picking up and absorbing, especially on a good pair of headphones.

Temperature Falls retain an aura of mystique, fueled by an enduring curiosity about which direction Camilla and Ian J. Ward will turn next in their musical odyssey.


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