Berend & MarynCharlie – “Untitled” ft. G.Supreme – Perfect in virtually every sense!

You could pass hours discussing all the factors which make “Untitled” a sophisticated delight for the ears. There’s the mellow, yet rhythmic production, the unwavering coherence, the tasteful and varied instrumentation – even the vocals, alluring and fragile which flawlessly slots amongst the sublime surroundings. It’s no exaggeration to say, this scenario paints Berend & MarynCharlie among the more gifted modern musical creators and performers, in and around the underground scene. Berend is multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer from The Netherlands. Twenty-two year old MarynCharlie, who still studies songwriting and music theory, was born and raised in Amsterdam, and started taking singing lessons at age 12, before she began writing, recording and producing songs.

Berend & MarynCharlie lay bare not only soulful emotion but also the sheer diversity of talents at their disposal. Perfect in virtually every sense, “Untitled” is conclusive evidence of their genius; a staggering, majestic feat in forward-thinking songwriting which acts as a towering pinnacle for both Berend & MarynCharlie, and musical escapism as a whole. They are also joined by G.Supreme, who lays down some matching bars to the mix.

The song slowly enters with dreamy, shimmering sounds. The effect creates a sort of hypnotic effect on the listener, as the female vocals launch a soft, sensual tune. Berend & MarynCharlie then sing in harmony, while the music builds steadily with the beat creating a definite buzz in its underbelly.

The warm keys and clean guitars add further bliss to an already gorgeous arrangement, embellished with diverse instrumental flourishes. Every word sung, and every note played seems to glow with creativity.

Berend & MarynCharlie effortlessly combine a beautiful instrumental arrangement, harmonious vocals, and clever wordplay into a work of groovy art. “Untitled” is so warm, inclusive, and smooth.

Its overall tone expresses itself with eloquence and reservation as opposed to overt grandiosity and celebration. This is a song that bustles with a humble but urgent percussive energy, all of which culminates in the most satisfying chorus. It really doesn’t get much lusher than this.

This song will no doubt establish Berend & MarynCharlie as a force to be reckoned with in modern indie. “Untitled” ft. G. Supreme, may actually be my favorite release of its kind, this year so far, mainly because of how exquisite everything sounds.

It is sleek and melodic yet never predictable, weaving its way through several different stylings without ever once repeating itself. You would be hard pressed to find a more aesthetically pleasing four minutes of jazzy indie-pop and rap than what Berend & MarynCharlie and G.Supreme supply here.

Most of the things you can say or write about Berend & MarynCharlie and their music are probably going to be wrong, except one thing for sure – they are one of the best new musical projects around. Rarely, at any moment during this recording, do they drop below the level of excellence. Fresh and invigorating, Berend & MarynCharlie are ready to enter the hearts and ears of fans across the world.








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