CARLZZOON – “Higher Place” – Set to to make a crowd bump, bounce and burn!

Dennis Carlsson, better known as CARLZZOON, is a Stockholm based DJ & producer, with performances from some of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Greece biggest nightclubs. He released his debut single “I Need You” during February 2020, and then followed that up with “I Won’t Let You Go” in May. The song quickly garnered a growing stream of listeners, leading the producer to drop his third single, entitled “Higher Place”. Unlike the previous two singles, this latest cut, features a female vocal. CARLZZOON is another in the line of DJ’s that should be hitting it big on the airwaves. He shows a lot of potential for putting together tracks that would enchant radio listeners, just as much it would mesmerize dance-floor habitués.

With “Higher Place” the Stockholm based DJ & producer has delivered one of the very best uplifting dance tracks that we will hear this year. The term “uplifting” might well have been invented for his addictive brand of melodic rollicking.

CARLZZOON really does know how to construct a good tune which is tightly-structured. Nothing is allowed to trundle on too long; there is an economy in his arrangements which gets to the point quickly and succinctly and leaves you wanting more.

The beats is massive, as if carved from gigantic synth waves; warn the neighbors and play it loud for its intended effect. The track starts slowly, framing the featured vocalist’s soulful intro which steadily grows into a rich high speed warble as the full force of the track kicks-in. You can easily imagine a sea of hands punching the air and the dance-floor bending under the weight of a pleased crowd.

“Higher Place” is a splendidly tuneful production from CARLZZOON, engaging our emotions as well as our desire to dance. The distinctive lead voice makes a welcome appearance in the mix, and is the icing on the cake, so to speak.

The song is a fine example of what is possible to achieve when a refined musical sensibility is aligned to a deep understanding of what it takes to make a crowd bump, bounce and burn on the dance-floor.

Additionally, “Higher Place” stands out as a straight dance-pop song with a notably strong arrangement, whose melody blends seamlessly into the song. CARLZZOON targets our pleasure centers – from head to toe – with pinpoint aim, and from an impressive array of angles. And when he hits the center, it explodes in rich and expressive tones.

The vocals here soar above the mix, which is fortunate, because what’s going on below is a master class in sonic euphoria. And yet at the same time it is never overwhelming, nor overproduced. Mainly because CARLZZOON steers away from bombastic dissonance, leaning instead, more towards melodic motifs.

The production is never languorous, as CARLZZOON creates enough themes and variations to make the entire song a powerful ear-worm. Throw in the thumping bassline, and it’s certain to make a dance-floor go wild. Even though “Higher Place” is a song that could be played at clubs and festivals, it really is a lush and beautiful song that would fit on any uplifting playlist.


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