Love Ghost – “Pillz (The Sky is Falling)” breaks out of the mold with explosive firepower!

Love Ghost is shaking up rock music and going against the grain, by defiantly throwing out the traditionally used and sometimes seemingly arbitrarily assigned genre tag. While people continue to stuff bands into whatever box suites their perspective, Love Ghost rebels against the concept, with their latest scintillating single release. If you haven’t heard “Pillz (The Sky is Falling)”, by the L.A. based alternative rock band Love Ghost yet, go pick it up today The rawness of the alternative rock and trap style, with the rapping, and raspy singing is absolute perfection.

“Pillz (The Sky is Falling)” just has a groove to it that forces you to feel like you’re experiencing multi music eras, in one two-and-a-half minute song – 90’s alternative rock, 2000’s nu-metal, and today’s urban crossover templates. Moreover, the single probably has one of the best chorus hooks in the whole Love Ghost catalog. The vocals soar mightily while the music drives them into further melodic exhilaration.

The song shows off the hypnotic quality of Finnegan Bell vocal stylings, especially as he switches between rapping and singing. Both executed with his usual swagger and confidence. He impresses with the atmospheric vocal intro, passionate lyrics and perfectly timed highs and lows.

All while tackling the spiky theme of substance abuse. “This song is about addiction, but more specifically how everything can look as if it is positive on the outside but in reality, it is not. It is really about perseverance and resilience when your life is falling apart,” says Love Ghost.

I think the varied sonic influences and the move towards a more universally accepted crossover style, is part of the big reason “Pillz (The Sky is Falling)” just sounds fresher and the song comes out stronger than anything they have done before.

The band took some chances here and I think it paid off nicely. This track helps move them away from being trapped within a single genre – and one that is starting to become a little stale – and shows off their chameleonic abilities nicely.

I can’t deny it; “Pillz (The Sky is Falling)”, for me, is Love Ghost most impressive single release thus far. On first listen the song stuck out to me, and I instantly liked the vibe. Finnegan Bell (Guitar and Vocals), Ryan Stevens (Bass and Vocals), Samson Young (Drums and Background Vocals), Cory Batchler (Keyboards and Vocals), Daniel Alcala (Guitar and Background Vocals) met, and exceeded, my expectations.

 It’s a nicely balanced song, with a mix of rap, trap and rock. It also leans on superb guitar riffs and a fiercely executed lead solo. Not to mention the solid bass, keyboard and drum work. The Love Ghost sound is totally changed, and in many facets in a way no one expected.

Progression is defined as moving forward, and in essence not replicating something you’ve already done. Love Ghost have constantly found their progression, in the form of continued refinement and diligence. This time they completely break out of the mold with explosive firepower. They’ve grown up as a unit and there’s no stopping them now!


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