Hysteria – “Judas” – Weaving depth and intelligence with exceptional rock drive!

Influenced by punk and metal, Hysteria is a 4 piece modern rock band from New York. I’m almost sure the band will take everyone by surprise with their single “Judas”, which shows the band elevating their ambitions and in the process coming up with a brilliantly explosive and intelligent musical presentation. Musically and sonically they have pushed themselves to new heights and it is clear a lot of thought has gone into the track and how it would all come together. It combines progressive, power rock and thrashier aspects, with bone-crushing guitars, screaming vocals and explosive drums.

For those who enjoy conventional verse, chorus song structures, and overtly catchy hooks, this song is for you too. Hysteria, literally has every angle of alternative rock covered on “Judas”. The song factors in tons of up-tempo firepower into its mix for an instrumentally dexterous track that’s likely to appeal to anyone from guitar nerds to head bangers, and all rockers in-between.

Form the drums and bass, to the guitar and vocals, there’s a lot to unpack here, and none of Hysteria’s heaviness or overt brashness, has been sacrificed in favor of the grand, complex and melodic output experienced. “Judas” is simply an immaculately put together piece of work from start to finish. Good instrumentation and arranging, doesn’t necessarily translate into a good song, but that’s not the case here.

Besides the playing been undoubtedly impressive, the music is very real, dramatic, and gritty. From the frantic panic-driven guitars to the chanting harmonies, as well as the enigmatic and captivating chord progressions, “Judas” is a masterclass in modern rock songwriting. Musically, it entertains on a higher level, while the sheer force of the lead vocals is devastating.

“Judas” is a dazzlingly stunning work. In fact, it is the best thing the band has produced. They definitely have one of the more accessible sounds in the genre. Hysteria demonstrate an innate ability to convey the emotion and raw power of their music instantaneously. No need to waste any time on endless repeats to get to grips with what’s going on. Hysteria grab a hold of you from bar one, and never let go until the song ends.

“Judas” is a song that pulsates and throbs through its hills and valleys, with massive sonic layers. Not only does this show a band eager to continue growing and developing themselves, challenging their songwriting and performance skills as they go, but it’s what gives the scope of the track a sense of weight rather than encumbrance.

Two things truly standout – the vocals and the guitar. The command of the instrument is exceptional. The bountiful solos are fluid, fierce and catchy, and the riffing is impeccable. Meanwhile the vocals are probably the most recognizable asset of the band’s sound, with the frayed and full-throated voice coming right to the front of the mix. The incredible expressiveness of the lead vocal, grounds the entire listening experience.

The other musicians in Hysteria are no less capable, they just work their craft in the background, driving the song’s underbelly. Both the music and the lyrics of “Judas” hit hard. Weaving depth and intelligence with exceptional rock drive, “Judas” is a track telling Hysteria fans that they’re thinking bigger. Much bigger!



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