Savannah Nider – ‘Terror in Disguise’ – a finely constructed and superbly executed track

Born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska, Savannah Nider is a singer who can sell authentic sounding country, pop and rock, in a radio-friendly way. She is a confident performer with a talent for catchy hooks, who has managed to find herself a place in the music world. At 15, Savannah was given the opportunity to work alongside Geno LeSage, Steve Cox, and Kenny Royster who were involved in the careers of Grammy award-winning artists including Collin Raye and many others. After losing her grandmother to pancreatic cancer, completing college, and getting married, Savannah moved to Nashville to fulfill the promise of a music career.

Savannah met Joie Scott, a well-known songwriter in Nashville, who influenced her songwriting ability and co-wrote her first song “Until Always,” which Savannah performed at her own wedding. She was also introduced to Bryan Cole, a talented producer out of Pittsburgh, PA who produced her EP with Grammy Award winner Steve Marcantonio.

The traditionalists will find little to get behind here, but those predicting a full jump into the crossover scene will have a field day. On her latest track, “Terror In Disguise”, Savannah Nider forges her own path with an appealing blend of country, pop and rock. It’s an important, emotional and relatable anthem that soars. The track certainly shows off both Savannah’s insane vocal talents and her sharp songwriting skills.

“Terror In Disguise”, has cross-nation and cross-genre appeal. It is a finely constructed and superbly executed track and has the kind of chorus able to set the world ablaze. These are brand new days for Country music, in which bold artists have taken the genre and pushed it into unchartered areas. Savannah Nider is definitely in that camp now, pushing the boundaries of Country, instead of just tweaking it.

Savannah reflects her evolution on this track, stepping out to blossom artistically, in bold and beautiful ways. “Terror In Disguise” is a soulful, impassioned song that has fully layered instrumentation – jangling rock guitars, resonant pianos, and banging drums push the momentum and energy levels of the song, behind Savannah’s powerful and far-reaching vocal cords. Her true sense of self comes to light here.

With “Terror In Disguise”, Savannah Nider advances to the next level, creating a dynamic project where she sincerely and fearlessly speaks her mind, letting her insecurities and afflictions surface, while trying to rise through it all with perseverance. With her indomitable nature, Savannah proves the power of her voice, making others feel equally as emotional as she does.

“Terror In Disguise” is representative of an artist taking her time to curate a body of work that authentically depicts who she is as an artist. It’s a powerful narrative and because of that, a memorable composition. The track showcases all of Savannah Nider’s chops, and an artist unafraid to blaze her own trail.  “Terror In Disguise” will definitely stand out on end of the year wrap up lists.


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