PlantBassed – “Need Money, Take Fame” takes hard turns and shape-shifts across the dancefloor!

The music on “Need Money, Take Fame” by PlantBassed takes hard turns and shape-shifts with the frequency that we’ve come to expect from creative electronic music producers, and his firm hand at the controls is felt just as acutely. There are recognizable signatures at the center of the entropic sound that reminds us of legendary driving techno epics. Often those bits allow us to scale PlantBassed’s slippery tunes, power bass pads, and manic percussion. On this recording, the producer sonic-bending techniques once again prove that electronic music can be dance-worthy, explosive and creatively tantalizing.

PlantBassed opens the EP with “Lambo” (Original Mix) – a driving dancefloor anthem that is just as suitable for headphone listening, full of minuscule details, and built on exploratory techniques. PlantBassed creates a song that is both challenging and enjoyable, or rather, warehouse rave music made by a genius.

But another element that sets PlantBassed music apart from his contemporaries is the producer’s talent for crafting indelible and menacing melodies that mesmerize and captivate. This is achieved with a robotic type voice on “Lambo” (Original Mix).

As the song keeps evolving, the arrangement zips the listener into a high-energy journey. Rich growling bass tones and woozy synth pads are introduced, accented by snappy drum shots and keyboard stabs. Despite the frantic energy, the futuristic track manages to feel both busy and spacious at the same time.

An overarching characteristic of this EP is the structural inventiveness of each piece. PlantBassed makes each single song on “Need Money, Take Fame” seem unpredictable, as he fits in effects and other sonic wizardry.  Each of these compositions feature movements that are different from one another while still sounding like they belong to the same project.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a section that becomes overly repetitive on “Predator”, for example, which is great for those who are adverse to this maddening tendency in electronic music. PlantBassed injects the track with plenty of sonic juice to keep it interesting at every turn and break. Toying with provocative jagged synths and banging drums, “Predator” perfectly combines precision with mayhem.

This track is pure, bombastic perfection as beauty cuts through the aggression. It drills into your head with a multi-layering of synths and bass that give you so many different textures to feast upon. With elevated percussion that are heightened by resonating bass growls, PlantBassed has you in the palm of his hand. Each minute is almost mind-numbingly intense, and brings a new, futuristic interjection of synth and other sounds.

“Need Money, Take Fame” delivers fervid, complex beats and sounds that are nothing short of extravagant. Its dynamic, constantly shifting production and intense rhythmic patterns makes it feel like an epic sonic adventure. Weaponized to assault the ears when experienced on headphones, this EP is created and crafted to dominate dance floors across the globe.


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