Anne Marie Bush – ‘My Heart Knows’ is yet another commendable recording!

Great artists tend to stick close to those who know how to showcase their sound best, and Danish songstress Anne Marie Bush has clearly followed that mantra by continuing to work with A-league writers, arrangers and producers. Her latest single ‘My Heart Knows’, was written, produced and arranged by Phil Galdston and Michael Thomsen, and co-produced by Anne Marie in her studio in Copenhagen. Anne Marie usually writes, co-writes, produces, co-produces, mixes and masters her own songs, but also records and releases covers and outside material, when she stumbles across a real gem, like this one.

Phil Galdstone has found success on nearly every major Billboard Chart. Over 130 million copies of his songs and productions have appeared on more than 70 million records worldwide, in recordings by artists ranging from, Celine Dion to Sheryl Crow, from Aaron Neville to Beyoncé, from Brandy to Esperanza Spalding, and Kurt Elling to Chicago. Michael Thompson known for his work with David Foster, has played guitar for legends like Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Alicia Keys.

Anne Marie Bush explains how the recording came about, “My friend and Grammy Award winning writer/producer Russ Titelman, (Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Chaka Khan, Rickie Lee Jones, James Taylor) introduced me to Phil Galdston in NYC. I fell in love with ‘My Heart Knows’ and I recorded the vocals in my studio in Copenhagen.” Enveloped by a gorgeous, understated synth-string and piano arrangement, courtesy of the talismanic production pairing, there’s a special poignancy to the song.

The mid-tempo beat which is perfectly judged by Anne Marie Bush’s great gift of both wistful and emotional sincerity, is heard to especially moving effect on ‘My Heart Knows’. She renders in her distinctive sensual style. Her exquisite and articulate phrasing caress in an intimate but expressive manner, before breaking into full-throated affection. Once again she remains true to her muse by bringing an all-embracing sensibility to her devotion and discipline.

Indeed, her appeal with pop, soul, R&B, and even jazz aficionados, attests to both her diligence and diversity. Anne Marie Bush has recorded some truly stellar tracks in the last couple of years, and ‘My Heart Knows’ is destined to be one of them. Her tender sensibility and profound soul adds to the equation in determining an impressive musical accomplishment – transporting the listener to an alternate world.

Once again Anne Marie Bush has worked her magic and delivered a commendable recording. Every stroke of the strings, every note of the keys, and the constant rhythm of the percussion, each element is as important and captivating as the other on ‘My Heart Knows’, as they build an enchanting template which Anne Marie colors with her tones and timbre. Anne Marie Bush is the real thing, a singer with a delicious tone and superfine control. Her vocal delivery is rich and filled with personality.

Anne Marie Bush’s work is always immaculate – smooth, polished, shimmering and sophisticated – and ‘My Heart Knows’ is all of that. What gives her songs their special identity and cohesion is Anne Marie’s thoughtful and yet seemingly effortless approach to her material. The pandemic has caused chaos and confusion in the music business, but Anne Marie Bush has managed to keep a clear head and make all the right choices for another superb recording.

The Anne Marie Bush Story So Far: Anne Marie has been engaged to several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach, mainly in L.A, where she was based for 8 years. As an artist Anne Marie has released her own singles, EPs and music videos via her own Record label, AMB Records, and has made it to the hit single sales charts, and the dance charts for several years. Anne Marie has aired on most of the Nationwide TV and radio shows and radio shows in Denmark, as well as indie stations all over EU, Asia and US. She has worked with the elite in the music business, such as Narada Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Victor Merrit, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Robert Palmer, Peter Roberts, Terry Wollman, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Britney Spears, Brian Mann, Richard Niles, and Ken Larish etc.

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