San Diego Rapper auistini leaves hints of bigger, better things to come!

With insightful and outspoken lyrics, young upcoming San Diego based rapper auistini, can weave together a story that grabs the hearts and minds of listeners. The rapper will definitely be able to grow his career through the fans of his region, for starters. His powerful voice and ease of words builds a listen that anyone can enjoy. Often referencing pop-culture, fashion and the usual intoxicating genre tropes, auistini is creating a definite identity in his music.

Rap music depends on confidence and bravado, so it’s always in rappers’ interests to present themselves as unassailable.  auistini, has an artistic demeanor that allows him to present himself as thoughtful or reflective rapper one moment, and then a badass hard-hitter the next.

auistini comes out spitting fire on “Tommy Bag” like a hard-ass street rapper who doesn’t play around with melody, and who makes sure you can understand every word he says. The beat is big and warm and solid. The keys shimmer, the bottom end rumbles, and the beat slams.

As a rapper, auistini does all the little things just right: Flowing with perfect timing, staying in the pockets of the beat, citing his accomplishments with pride, calling out the enemy, and then moving onto the next track like nothing just happened.

But auistini always leaves hints of bigger, better things to come. Forget that he is a blonde white kid. He has the skillset to become a critically beloved rapper if he ever wants to continue harvesting his craft. Cocky and confident, auistini brings the energy of youth and a fresh perspective to the proceedings.

What keeps me listening to auistini is his personality he puts into his music and his fantastic lyrics. It’s nice to have a rapper who you can understand when they rap. In addition, his lyrics are killer, especially on “Poppin Tags”.

The wordplay is impressive in “Poppin Tags”, and so is the overall vibe which rides on a slower jam. Here auistini shows us just how good of an artist he is, as he spits over a stripped down beat often pushing the rhythm of the track with his cadence and complex rhyme scheme. The song shows off auistini’s unique sound and how he differentiates himself from his contemporaries.

auistini’s wordplay is clearly what sets him apart from the seeming glut of singsong rappers, as he fills each verse with colorful imagery delivered with a horde of carefully chosen words. He actually knows how to play it, and maybe that’s why he so effortlessly floats on these tracks. As he continues to find his sound and get better with his music, there is no limit on how far auistini can take it.

His ability to flow with almost any tempo, as can be heard on these two tracks, makes him versatile and will overall increase his longevity in the rap game. auistini deserves every bit of hype and praise as navigates the diverse routes that will eventually lead him where he needs to be in the game.

Connect with auistini on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

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