Sean Teahan – “Mirror” – In search of a sense of freedom

Sean Teahan is a singer-songwriter originally from Ireland, and living in Barcelona for the past 8 years. “I love writing songs but find it hard to categorize my songwriting. Plenty of life, heartache, joy, loss, love, nostalgia, inspiration…and sometimes just people I’ve come across…. and other times just trying to generate sensations and impressions,” explains Sean.

“I’m trying to express my unique experience and hoping it will connect to at least some people when they listen to my songs,” he continues. “The song Mirror is about trying to escape something to somewhere. In search of a sense of freedom. But when you pause to look in the mirror it will still be the same you….and so your future will be a reflection of your past….and every moment is a series of accumulating mirrors reflecting the moments before,” he concludes.


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