AED PROJEK – “Let’s Begin” deliver something new, exciting, and nostalgic at the same time!

Alonso Daniels aka AED PROJEK is an American dance music composer and producer who used to manage bands in France. Driven by creativity, the multi-talented artist, who has been researching dance music for a long time, has released his single “Let’s Begin”, which has already received a huge response in the electronic dance music scene. Featuring a heavily layered instrumental, “Let’s Begin” testifies to the depth of Alonso Daniels as an artist. By all means, he utilizes a swath of samples and sounds throughout, to deliver something new, exciting, and nostalgic at the same time.

On “Let’s Begin”, listeners are able to focus on AED PROJEK’s skillful and precise production abilities. You hear his wavy synths, punchy drums, and plethora of effects. Sprinkled around the track are instrumental passages that keep the record flowing in characterful fashion, whether it be the voice interludes and breakbeat vibes, or the filter work which brings back memories of vintage French house.

AED PROJEK has struck such a balance that his production talents shine clearly through on the track. “Let’s Begin” is an awesome example of how simplicity can make a dance track great. Nothing about the rhythm, drums or keys are particularly complicated, but the sounds are layered so well that the song sounds more complicated on first listen than it actually is. It feels and sounds like a modern or even futuristic and glitchy version on a late 90s Hip-hop and dance track.

My favorite thing about “Let’s Begin” is the dynamic and jittery percussion patterns on this track. It is both so trippy and dope. The drum pattern is layered and sounds so African and primal, yet it also maintains a futuristic flair. Within the first 30 seconds of the tune, you are bopping your head to the hip-hop sonic AED PROJEK so effortlessly assembles into this dance track.

The record is bound together by intersections of interesting rhythm, proving the producer isn’t reliant on vocalists to get the groove on. I also love the bassline on this one; it is just so warm and fuzzy and is the type of motif that puts you in a good mood. “Let’s Begin’s” ability to emerge as a clever mosaic of both modern and nostalgic music, exists in its foundation – in the foundation of Alonso Daniels aka AED PROJEK.

Overall, “Let’s Begin” is an extremely enjoyable listen for anyone who wants to include it in a collection of summer jams to clear up some seasonal depression or to piece apart AED PROJEK’s prodigious production skills. He has gifted us with a record which build on both hip-hop and dance music legacies, albeit directed a little more consciously at the dancefloor.


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