WolfHawkJaguar – “Rewards” – sentiment and smooth groove!

Currently residing in Oakland, the California native, WolfHawkJaguar, is a prolific musician, actor, film maker and educator. His latest release, is the single “Rewards”. The song is for those who have lost faith and courage, but still go forward, and in the end faith and courage returns, describes the single’s footnotes. From its first bars, the track establishes the piano, the voice and the poetry as central elements, carrying both the sentiment and smooth groove of “Rewards”.  The elegant soundscape provides a hypnotic foundation for the verses, giving the track a palatial aura, and pulsating when the beat finally drops.

“Rewards” speaks to WolfHawkJaguar’s ability to write melody that that draws on the breath and emotional weight of his easygoing voice which persists with soulful subtlety throughout the captivating production.

In fact, the melodic backbone alone is heart-stopping, without touching upon the artist’s use of his voice, which is always unforced and easy on the ear. The gentle instrumentation, the languorous pace, and the absence of bombast – adds to a strong aural association with all things spiritual.

It’s through his voice that WolfHawkJaguar really sets himself apart. We’re living through an age driven by club-based debauchery, banging rhythms and hollering voices. WolfHawkJaguar is the antithesis of such. He trumps his contemporaries and influences, with a delicate grace and a solid talent for songwriting, echoing our innermost sentiments.

The use of an undeniably soulful and off-kilter vocal sound, crafted with deep moods, amplifies the song’s potential for timelessness. WolfHawkJaguar sounds empowered by being aware of what’s going on inside, and around him.

In essence, “Rewards” is a cultivated and considerate song that soothes your emotions. The slow melody combined with laced lyrics make for a beautiful record. The clearness in the lyrics transport listeners to the world of feelings that WolfHawkJaguar is going through in the song. He sings about things that affect lives in one way or another, while inspiring us to escape the craziness of this world, by finding our own strengths deep within ourselves.

WolfHawkJaguar weaves through emotions, actions, and consequences beautifully on “Rewards”, creating a sonically rich environment that only hope and fulfilment can sprout from. Even if you’ve listened to WolfHawkJaguar a thousand times, you can never be accustomed to his sound, as he changes the template continuously on each release.

This single is no different. “Rewards” presents everything fans have grown to love about WolfHawkJaguar but wrapped in a whole new package. And everything works together to create a chilled yet emotional vibe.

“Rewards” immediately places you in a feeling of levitation with its pulsating pianos and throbbing beat, allowing WolfHawkJaguar to do his thing. Overall, it is another strong effort from the artist, and again raises expectations for his next musical adventure.

Clocking in at just over four minutes, this track breezes by beautifully during the first few listens, and when you give it a chance to really capture your attention, taking in every emotion, lyric, beat and melody, you will unlock the best possible listening experience.


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