Fayro – “Reggae Freq” – a modern musical renaissance man!

Hailing from Memphis TN, the award-winning multi-genre artist Fayro decided at the tender age of 15 that music was the path for him. He has since performed hundreds of shows, including being alongside headlining mainstream acts. He has collaborated with Memphis legend Lil’Wyte (‘Don’t Get Robbed’) as well as DJ Unk (‘Speak Easy’). Moreover, Fayro has released 7 albums, 7 mixtapes, and a substantial series of singles since 2015. Now the artist, entertainer and songwriter bounces straight into the limelight with his 2022 single, “Reggae Freq”. The single holds 3 versions of the song and is undeniably raw, teeming with potential, filled with colorful motifs, and showcasing the Memphis artist’s natural ear for inventive flows and melody.

Fayro is equally at home rapping cutting-edge verses, or crooning melodic lines. He does both on “Reggae Freq”, which is a perfect exhibition of the prolific entertainer’s ability to release something altogether new and vibrant, even on the heels of so many music releases. It’s also an exhibition of so much more. Between lyrical endowment, stylistic transcendence, modern indefinability, and brash uniqueness Fayro performance is impressive.

For those new to party, Fayro’s repertoire, grounded in his prolificacy, is vast and explosive. Over the years, he has only ramped up his rate of delivery and his talent across the board. Amidst what must be somewhat of a creative awakening, he has become unstoppable, emerging in the process as an ultra-interesting figure in the school of artists that pride their songwriting ability in the equal measure that they pride their production and their vocals.

Fayro is a modern musical renaissance man, leading the creative charge for better and bolder art. “Reggae Freq” is his blueprint on how to make it all happen. Seamlessly floating in and out of vocals and fervent hip-hop lyricism in ways that few artists can do, Fayro slides across a busy backdrop with racing percussion, spacy synths and rumbling basslines on “Reggae Freq”.

His mastery of stylistic transcendence is so strong, it is nearly impossible at any given moment throughout the song to label what it is that he’s doing. Like many in-touch artists, Fayro is open and personable, his relatability stems from there, and his positivity amidst such relatability is inspiring and primed for captivating audiences.

Somewhere between the thematic exploration of his penmanship and the bubbliness in his voice, Fayro knows how to ride a beat. That much is evident on “Reggae Freq” which is complex in it’s scaling rhythms, requiring a highly skilled performance to hold it down. Something, which Fayro executes effortlessly.

With Fayro’s projects all boasting very different auditory aesthetics, comparisons are particularly difficult to draw. But it should go without saying that lyrically and vocally, “Reggae Freq” is in a class of its own.

Lyrical dexterity and boundless creativity in his latest effort results in a multifaceted lustrous 3-track single. Fayro has already built the foundations of an impressive catalog, and at the rate he’s working at, watching him fill out the chapters ahead is going to be a mind-blowing experience.

Official Website: https://www.fayromusic.com

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