KILJIN – “Trapped in Flames” is ferociously dynamic and gripping!

Influenced and inspired by legendary bands such as Metallica, Kiss, Scorpions, Megadeath, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden and others, KILJIN was formed in 2020, when metal had already fallen apart as a major genre, becoming stale and boring. In that moment of need, the 4 piece metal band out of Michigan, reintroduced fans to the real, raw thing with their acclaimed 11-track debut album, “Master Of Illusion”. They helped bring screaming vocals, blasting beats, epic breakdowns, roaring guitar solos, and bone-crushing riffs back into the popular consciousness. The band has since flooded the music scene with videos, music, pics, internet performances, live performance footage, promos and more.

On September 1st, 2022, KILJINTrevor Aumaugher (Lead Vocals and lead Guitar), Tony Aumaugher (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals), Bryant Aumaugher (Drums and Backing Vocals) and Scott Spencer (Rhythm Guitar) – unleashed their 3rd studio album, “Trapped in Flames”. This is an important record for the band, as it will largely determine their place in metal’s increasingly fragmented and confusing world.

The album’s production is crisp, clear and sharp, as the crew faithfully shepherd the record to sound great without robbing it of its raw power. “Trapped in Flames” is a delightful treat that does not pull any cheap tricks. It serves up exactly what you might expect if you happen to be a hard rock or metal aficionado. This release proves that KILJIN are still kings in their field.

“Trapped in Flames” is a highly professional record without any weak points. Despite giving you a wild taste of mayhem and madness, it forms a coherent, well-organized whole. Each song flows nicely into the next, without the album ever losing its brutal edge. KILJIN manages to change things up often enough to keep you hooked, with many parts that are catchy and surprising.

The guitars menace and seduce as you hurry to join KILJIN on the title track, “Trapped in Flames”. The shredding guitars suck you in on “Sometimes”, while the epic old school riffs on “Scream” leave you with no escape route. KILJIN have been steadily increasing the fretboard and emotional intensity on each album, exploring and challenging the full potential of each band member. Here they reach their apex.

There’s a sparkling sense of passion and liveliness to the album, an atmosphere of urgent honesty that’s palpable and unmistakably KILJIN, and it explodes into sonic ecstasy on “Prophecy”. “Black Birds Cry” and the racy “Fortune Teller” are textbook examples of KILJIN’s musical and vocal greatness. The guitar harmonics on “Stranger in the Night” is stunning, as his the soaring lead vocals. It’s as well-crafted and expertly detonated as you’d rightfully expect from a band of KILJIN’s ability.

KILJIN knows exactly what its audience wants and how to deliver it to them. That is easy to take for granted, especially because the songwriting and performances are so consistent with the rest of the band’s catalog. However, there is a reason KILJIN blow their peers and contemporaries right out of the water. They are really damn good at what they do, and they show us exactly how good, on the pummeling “Acid Rain” and “The Revolution Is Here”.

All genre and subgenre debates aside, “Trapped in Flames” offers a lot for any music fan, but especially if you’re a fan of metal and hard rock. KILJIN’s sound is ferociously dynamic and gripping, while the interplay between the musicians deliver plenty of amazing moments throughout the record. In essence, KILJIN bring forth all the classic metal elements of a legendary sound, which is a stern reminder of just how important a band they are to the current metal scene.


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