Lupus J. – “Excited” reverberates with powerfully rich tones

Jan Nilsson is the mastermind behind the music of his alter-ego Lupus J., bringing his passion for creating joyful and uplifting melodies to every song. His music is characterized by the beauty of the melody above all else. For Jan, music is a source of joy and a way to escape from the mundane routine of daily life. When asked about his music, he shared this incredible response: “The most important thing for me is that the melody feels right. My music is straightforward and fundamentally simple. My goal is to convey joy and positive emotions through my music, regardless of whether it’s classified as pop, rock, or any other genre.

On February 24, Lupus J. dropped a new Latin pop track titled “Excited,” released via Soul Family Records. While he may not be the vocalist, Lupus J. collaborated with the label to produce a unique and captivating piece of music that is sure to get listeners moving. The upbeat and energetic nature of “Excited” is impossible to resist, and its catchy hooks will leave you humming along for days.

This latest release from Lupus J. is a testament to his talents as a songwriter and his ability to collaborate with others to create exceptional music. With “Excited,” Lupus J. and Soul Family Records have delivered a standout hit that is not to be missed.

A quick run though the Lupus J. catalog confirms that his songs move across a wide plethora of styles, but as stated by the writer himself, each of these songs are spearheaded by earworm melodies that bind them together despite the musical diversities between.

Lupus J.’s major influences are derived from the eighties – an era in music that boasted infectious melodies and anthemic choruses. Hence, songs like the R&B/Pop flavored “My 90’s Love”, the Pop/Rock strains of “Hello” and “The Greatest”, or the EDM-driven “The Voice” all have the common allure of irresistible melodies.

It must be said too, that Lupus J. not only composes intoxicating melodies, he has an innate knack for choosing stunning vocalists to bring his work to life. Such is the case once again on the hip-swaying groove of “Exiting”, which reverberates with powerfully rich tones, alongside a vibrant melody that soars with uplifting soul.

The music is lusciously layered and arranged, featuring dynamic percussion and sweeping synths, which propel a captivating beat. The mood created, brings a whirlwind of sensual passion and palpable romanticism, bound by a production that is cutting-edge and crystalline.

“Exiting” is the kind of sensual musical package every couple needs to light up those boring nights as they slip and slide across the dancefloor. Lupus J. sounds like a serious purveyor of Latin Pop on this recording, which is a testimony to his incredible songwriting and compositional versatility. He is able to jump from genre and style to next almost effortlessly, with each track sounding like the perfect match for his musical prowess.

“Exiting” continues to showcase Lupus J.’s colorful compositional flow and his focused creative spirit, which makes him sound like a beacon in the independent music movement, regardless of genre.


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