ImmyJ – “Good For Nothin” is on a mission to leave a permanent mark!

For all the naysaying that the genre is watered down, there’s still a huge amount to be optimistic about when it comes to rap and hip-hop. Even though those optimistic markers are coming from experienced artists who have been around the block. Latest in queue is ImmyJ from Lancaster, Pa. He has been making music for 18 years. His style has always been more autobiographical in hopes that others who have gone through similar situations as his can vibe out to his songs.

ImmyJ took a break from releasing music for a few years while he kept his skills sharp by battle rapping. He jumped back into releasing music last April with his album “#MyLuckMyLife”, and is now set to drop his brand new single, “Good For Nothin”.

The experienced talent from Lancaster deploys incendiary flows, explosive bars and melody-infused hooks, over smooth and atmospheric, piano-driven production, which most people won’t seem to get enough of it. Despite not being a young upstart, ImmyJ proves to be a breath of fresh air, with still many more years to chip away at his craft, and there’s no limit to the type of artist he can become.

ImmyJ’s patented flow and lyrics drip with charisma making it abundantly clear that he has been one of genres best-kept secrets up until now. He may not have been making moves in the recording arena for quite some time, but is now finally ready to get the props he deserves. Expect to see the ImmyJ takeover in full force this year as the underground scene gets pushed further to the forefront.

“Good For Nothin” is designed to turn heads, perk ears, and rack up numbers. While the rap and hip-hop sounds have shifted since the days of ImmyJ’s first introduction, this track has proven that he’s been keeping a keen eye on the movements of the scene. Clearly a match for anything in the current market and hungrier than ever before, ImmyJ sounds like he’s on a mission to leave a permanent mark on the industry in 2023.

Both of ImmyJ’s songwriting ability and on-mic dexterity are up there with the best of them. Allowing “Good For Nothin” to provide a listening experience that sets him apart from his contemporaries. He is not holding back on the lyrical front either, as he spits about his lived experiences with conviction.

If you haven’t heard of him already, ImmyJ is almost certainly going to be on your radar this year. And if you have, you’ve probably been drawn in by his versatile flows and lyricism. The honesty in ImmyJ’s lyrics, which are jam-packed with heartfelt wordplay makes his music incredibly relatable, as he digests conflicting feelings of ambition, nostalgia, discontent, and struggles that we all exhibit.

His rhymes are compelling and his stories are told from the perspective of someone who’s been through a lot. No doubt, he will be looking to make more of a dent in the scene and prove that he’s here to stay. ImmyJ has all the tools to make some serious moves this year.


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