Jourdan Jade – “Jaded” exudes confidence and positivity!

Jourdan Jade is an accomplished indie music artist, singer, and songwriter, working from her production studio in Vallejo, CA. Her latest EP, “Jaded”, was released on April 28, 2022, to great acclaim. Known for her profound lyrical content, which often focuses on her life as an independent woman, cannabis culture, and energy, Jourdan Jade has established herself as a unique voice in the industry. Jade’s exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has collaborated with various industry professionals, including Pocket Honoré, Erykah Badu’s former musical director, and Michael Anderson, Christina Aguilera’s former musical director. With an impressive portfolio of live performances, including appearances nationwide, in Spain and France, Jourdan Jade has opened for a diverse range of artists such as E-40, Too $hort, NLE Choppa, Soulja Boy, Lil Xan, Mike Jones, Nef The Pharaoh, RBL Posse, The Luniz, among others.

With her blend of R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip-hop stylings, Jourdan Jade is ready to capture the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Her warm production, processed rhythms, sleek vocals, and accessible sound will also soon make her a favorite of the music industry’s big beasts. Moreover, her prodigious songwriting talent, combined with her nuanced and mature voice, will garner critical acclaim from fans and music critics alike. One listen to the “Jaded” EP shows how far she’s come in her career.

The highlights are many on this recording, and the opening track “Light Up That Weed” quickly sets the mood and pace. As can be gauged by title, the song written by Jourdan Jade, revolves around the theme of smoking marijuana and enjoying life. The lyrics describe the joy of rolling up a joint and indulging in the uplifting experience that it provides. Produced by Pocket Honore, the track also features the talents of Nef the Pharaoh on the raps.

“Focused” is a groove-driven anthem of determination, hard work, and resilience. Jourdan Jade’s unwavering focus on her goals and her refusal to be deterred by obstacles, make this song an inspiring reminder that success is achievable with the right mindset and dedication. Her is voice is luxuriously smooth and avoids any type of diva grandstanding. She sticks to the script of the song, which already sets her apart from many of her peers who sell cheap thrills.

Jourdan Jade sings like she was born knowing how to do so. Her style is uncluttered and effortless, and her smart songwriting isn’t far behind. The construction of the EP, not to mention the individual songs, seems to be infused with thoughtfulness and care. “Nobody Does” is a celebration of a special relationship, filled with intense emotions and experiences that only one person can provide. The repeated refrain of “nobody does that shit like you” reinforces the idea that this connection is unique and incomparable to any other. The song flourishes on a thumping beat and searching horns in the background.

Jourdan Jade gently demonstrates the strength and control she has in her voice as she jumps to the front of the mix on “With Me”. The track conveys a message of relaxation, connection, and intimacy through the act of smoking marijuana. The song suggests that smoking together can lead to a deeper level of understanding and empathy between two people, and emphasizes the importance of open communication and honesty in relationships.

The lyrics of the EP closer, “Feeling Good”, exudes confidence and positivity. Jourdan Jade’s self-assured attitude is evident in the lines “You got money well I got money too / But I’m humble, don’t got shit to prove.” She acknowledges her wealth without feeling the need to flaunt it, indicating a sense of humility and maturity. Jourdan Jade’s self-proclaimed status as “I am the one” and “I am the truth” further cements the belief in her own abilities and potential for success.

There isn’t a single clunker on “Jaded”. On the contrary, every track here is a stepping-stone to elevate Jourdan Jade to the sort of global stardom that a talent like hers is destined for.


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