JoNnY EastCoast: “Its Kinda Ironic” – supremely confident!

“Its Kinda Ironic” by JoNnY EastCoast is nothing short of greatness. EastCoast brings it hard in this track, and he can be proud of the song. This goes back a little into the cash, drugs and girls thing, but JoNnY puts in plenty about his view on struggles in an artistic way, as he tells the world what he’s all about. First of all, JoNnY EastCoast is one of the brightest white rappers out right now.

JoNnY EastCoast
,JoNnY EastCoast

He is one of the nicest at laying down punchlines. In order for you to appreciate “Its Kinda Ironic”, you have to understand the hip hop world. This is not just another mainstream single; it’s a blend of what JoNnY has been doing in the underground world for some time.

If you don’t keep up with the mixtape and underground world then this will be hard to understand. “Its Kinda Ironic” is one of JoNnY EastCoast’s hottest tracks in recent months because of the smart lyrics, the hook, and the versatility. EastCoast is one of the few artists today that can flow about money in one song, women the next song, and a life spent hustling on the next song – all while maintaining a true and real flow in each song.

This single is a very, very, small piece of JoNnY EastCoast’s work. In order to fully appreciate what he brings to the game, you have to listen to him on his mixtapes. They are fire if you know how to listen to them.

On “Its Kinda Ironic”, JoNnY brings smooth, creative lyrics, with a sweet beat and a hot groove. You get the feeling that this dude is not just rapping and spitting rhymes to just get your respect, but he is speaking on personal stuff that has affected him. That to me shows growth. He has everything working in his favor here too – his skill as well as the tight beat!


JoNnY EastCoast knows his stuff, and is an artist whose use of words is as good as Van Gogh was with a paintbrush. He comes up with things that you would never even have thought of, he’s on cloud 9. “Its Kinda Ironic” exemplifies how supremely confident JoNnY EastCoast is in not only achieving success in the rap world, but in clearing out any and all obstacles in his way!

MORE ABOUT: Jonny EastCoast is not your average MC. He likes to look at every situation as a positive one. When it comes to writing, producing, and mastering the songs he is a perfectionist. He started writing and producing music at a young age, while falling victim to drugs and crime as a teen. Eventually leading to selling drugs and robbery to pay for, and fund such a fast life style. Not too long after he would end up in state prison for a 5 year sentence, where he would study his rhymes and rhythm for a better understanding of the hip hop scene and music production. Since being released in 2014 he took full advantage of the rhyme book and focused his time and energy into hip hop. He also started a record company together with his brother.


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