Sarantos: “A Halloween Song” comes from an adventurous mind!

Sarantos has said that he has always loved Halloween and fondly remembers throwing lively costume parties in high school. So being the month of October he has decide to surprise fans with his own musical taking on the scary event. As usual he has released both a single and supporting video for the song, simply entitled, “A Halloween Song”. The songwriting is easy to absorb, the atmosphere is tremendous, it shows Sarantos’ vocal abilities at its best, and it’s just an all-around really impossible to hate song.

sarantos-halloween-350For the music video, Sarantos wanted to create a mixture of live footage and animation. The focus is on Halloween costumes, trick-or-treating, and yes, candy. There is dancing and maybe even a famous celebrity who makes a surprise guest appearance.

This music video is all about the fun and suspense of a typical Halloween night,” says Sarantos. “The song still takes center stage with a melody that you just cannot ignore. It was quite a challenge to come up with a storyboard that would keep the focus on the song while still adding something extra special to it. I thought adding animation would be the perfect compliment.”

“Since I’m a nerd at heart and love video games,” continued Sarantos, “I thought throwing a Halloween video game into the plot would be cool too! Finally, I grew up idolizing Thriller as one of my all-time favorite Halloween songs, so I had to throw in a famous dancing celebrity, didn’t I?”

From the driving and yet at the same time melodic bass to classic drums and guitar the music moves you, but it always must come back to the hauntingly beautiful and bountiful brogue of Chicago’s most prolific indie pop artist.

sarantos-halloween-350bSarantos is vocally, both playful and melodic here, with plenty of harmonies filling in the background as he brings alive the spirit of the trick-or-treat song. More than anyone else in the whole current singer-songwriter movement, Sarantos has absolutely no problem with getting a good laugh at the expense of the insularity of it all.

And on this track, he takes the whole scene and turns it properly on its backside. “A Halloween Song” throws in a mix of gamers, ghouls and guising kids, yet while frequently offering exceptional glimpses of tenderness and insight. A song as reckless as this could come from nothing less than an adventurous mind.

To celebrate Sarantos is to understand that he produces recordings with an often heartfelt and unique perspective on life. This time he has added ‘bent, quirky and infectiously irresistible to that perspective.

There is no readily accessible prefabricated over produced commercial conformity to hang your hat on here, just original talented ideas packaged in a superb musical pie to enjoy in a once-a-year day. Trick or Treat? You decide!

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