Felinez: “Upgratedade”- not the average trance stuff!

The track “Upgratedade” by Felinez is unlike many trance tracks. One can discern some trance influences on this single release, but overall, it has a clean, mildly aggressive sound. It’s even bombastic at times. I had to get used to the sound, since many sounds seem to be coming out of old Atari or Commodore-64 computers. The use of effects, such as reverb or echo is minimal, as is the spaciousness that is so characteristic of many trance songs. The melody is simple but haunting.

All in all, you will simply love “Upgratedade” for its originality! Felinez has succeeding in creating something that is not mainstream and that has a definite retro-feel, like good old synth-pop (though with a massive beat).

This is definitely not the average trance stuff – so if you’re into the chilled-out and lusciously smooth trance stuff, take a listen to this track since this is different stuff. As I said, I had to get to listen a couple of times to fully appreciate it. To me this proves that Felinez is a great electronic producer who right in the middle of developing his style and is not afraid to experiment!

This track boasts a playful and mesmerizing synth, with a hard, unbreakable beat. This tune switches between a clean progression that builds up with some deep, strong thumping bass and then synth arpeggios to get you going.

There is never a dull music moment on “Upgratedade”, as Felinez keeps the pace and momentum going forward constantly, showing that his artistic musical abilities go way beyond our imaginations! Not only does he donate an earsplitting banger, but a groovy, uplifting track that you can listen to anywhere, anytime, any mood!

If you analyze the track, you’ll notice that Felinez takes the usual Electro and Trance vibes and pumps a house beat into it. “Upgratedade” is a sublime mix of the atmospheric and the melodic, the stadium and the club, the traditional and the cutting edge!


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