PAR~A~DIGM: “Price of Loyalty” – superb production and technical skill

In a time where many mainstream rock and nu metal acts have faded out, Christian rockers PAR~A~DIGM continues to bring a strong sound to the table. “Price of Loyalty” is the band’s new release and is a showcase of what exactly the four brothers and a sister bring to the table. With a sound that rivals some of the legends of the genre, Reggie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar), Allen (lead guitar, backing vocals, co-lead vocals), Szi (bass, co-lead vocals), Andre (keyboards, synthesizers) and Robert (drums, percussion, backing vocals) are slowly creeping towards the higher echelon of the Christian rock genre. This album delivers a solid experience.

The band’s expanded modern rock palette brings arena-ready tracks like “Fireworks”, “Cover Song” and “Never The Less” to the mix. These three are definite, driven, anthemic pillars on the album, as well as other obvious favorites, like the poignant and powerful “September Fades” and “To Heaven” or the virtuosic “Hold On” featuring Joshua Jack. But it would hard not to be impressed by any track on this album. The musicianship is tight, the harmonies are even tighter, and the lead vocals soar effortlessly above the complex but accessible instrumental arrangements.

Since debuting in 2008, PAR~A~DIGM has clearly matured and coalesced into a closely knit, professional team. They have all the passion and dedication of what you would expect from a Christian band, but the superb production and technical skill on this album really brings out the power of their music.

This Las Vegas, Nevada band is establishing itself as a true peer to the other great, contemporary artists in the world of Christian Rock. From the hypnosis of the mid-tempo electro-beat of “Yahoo” to the defining anthem “All I Have”, this album bleeds excitement and brilliance. The lyrics are powerful, the music is pounding and there is nothing missing from the entire work.

Make no mistake this is a very, very good album.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the very few new albums that I have actually listened to in its entirety multiple times.  This may not sound impressive to others, but for me personally, this is quite an accomplishment considering my attention span is usually two or three songs per disc, with the quantity of music I have to devour on a daily basis.

The album hits hard and yet remains as readily accessible as is necessary to capture mainstream attention. It sports plenty of fist-pumping energy, but in that radio-ready way, assisted by an admirable production job by a crew that knows how to make face-melting rockers sound slick and polished without sacrificing the aggression.

According to some critics, including myself on the occasion, commercial modern hard rock is a dying genre, gasping its last, suffering the same fate as hair-metal did circa 1991. In other words, too many bands that all sound identical, stifling creativity and fostering an atmosphere of stagnation.

And while there may be a kernel of truth in these accusations, reports of modern rock’s demise are exaggerated. And thank God for that, because if the genre was dead, we wouldn’t have this kick-ass album from PAR~A~DIGM.


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