Anna & Fola: “LOVE me LOVE” – a sparkling piece of work!

Anna is young unsigned British talent who started learning music at the age of 8 due to her belonging to a musical family. Her parents are both renowned musicians in the UK. Anna performed on TV and Radios and was spotted by the National Lottery to perform for National Lottery in United Kingdom. Praised and encouraged by fans and professionals alike, she decided to take her music one step further by launching her official debut single “LOVE me LOVE” together with Fola. Fola is also a young British artist with complete love and devotion for singing. The music for “LOVE me LOVE” was written by Shahid Bawa, while Anna & Fola wrote the lyrics.

Because we can never have enough amazing female pop stars from the UK, it throws the next one at us.  Anna shows she dares to take things a little more alternative and electronic with “LOVE me LOVE”, a track that blends EDM sounds with South Asian melodic flavors.

The first thing you notice is that this track is a fantastically sparkling piece of work.  The buildup and the production are edgy and showcase Anna & Fola’s potential perfectly. The cool blend of Anna’s delicate high-pitched vocals and Fola’s lower register, together with the bass and synth-filled beat and pop hook are given a new lease of life by Shahid Bawa’s not so run-of the mill soundscape.

In the age of bedroom producers and music sharing sites, electronic dance songs are ten a penny. But Bawa doesn’t lean on the wind instruments of tropical house choruses or generic EDM beats. In his capable hands, the song’s wistful sound is given a smooth euphoric groove with an exotic flavor.

Anna & Fola is probably one of the most refreshing and unusual new pop acts to come along in a while. On “LOVE me LOVE”, the melody soars and the beat bangs. Anna & Fola are bursting with personality, and unlike many pop upstarts trying to get by on image alone, they’ve got the musical chops to back it up.

From start to finish the song is a tremendous showcase for their remarkable talents. Their careers are currently being primed to erupt at some stage in the near future.

Anna can be contacted on + 447918026925 for telephonic interviews and further information.


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