Lucas Morais: “REBIRTH” there’s a progressive air to the entire experience

Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, Lucas Morais was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and later moved to Brazil. Certainly, the connection he feels to these cultures, languages and peoples have greatly influenced his interpretation of the music he produces. Both the African and Latin percussive rhythms dictate the mood and drive the intensity of his music’s beat. Multi-talented, Lucas is comfortable in the role of entrepreneur, entertainer, artist, DJ, producer and dancer. He strives for personal excellence and holds himself and his music to the highest of standards.  “REBIRTH” is his debut single and has been offered as a FREE download on Soundcloud.

No joke, this is one of the most unusual electronic tracks I’ve heard all year. Everything is extremely well produced and fits together like pieces in a puzzle. It’s also incredibly diverse, but not all over the place. With his new-found sense of liberation, Lucas Morais has found a way to take the nearly perfect atmosphere of this core production and expound upon it creatively, musically, and intellectually.

“REBIRTH” is actually a great record because it’s daring; there’s a progressive air to the entire experience that many electronic producers don’t even hint at, while still retaining all of the dazzling, thumping beauty that the genre has long been known for.

“REBIRTH” is all about these small twists and musical ad-libs that shed a different light on the known EDM formula. An even more obvious instance is the growling bass synths which alter styles and signatures across the totally different movements to mark one of the most impressive and memorable electronic debuts this year.

It begins with fluttering growl before transitioning towards crescendos and percussion that responds at a steady pace. The hiccupping voice-like samples actually carry the song’s understated melody in a strange and unexpected way.

As a whole, “REBIRTH” feels like a dark and winding journey. The track is always on the move, shape-shifting and reinventing itself as it spans it’s relatively short three minute scope. The best part about the diversity present across the track is that it all feels perfectly at home.

In the midst of this endless formula presented by Lucas Morais, his tweaking and inventive twists forge a spirited optimism and pleasant imagery which match the pristine beauty of the rhythm.

There’s a huge promise to Lucas Morais’ talent, one that can’t be ignored, and that hasn’t been fully tapped into yet. For what it’s worth, “REBIRTH” is an earnest start to the summer, and should define the year when it ends.


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