Isaiah Jamel: ‘Transparency Pt. 1’ is a beacon of light!

New York based gospel-soul artist Isaiah Jamel, has independently released the first recording of a two-part set, entitled ‘Transparency’. Passionate about his faith, Jamel cites an ambition to empower the underprivileged and share a message of hope. With ‘Transparency Pt. 1’, released on the 18th of August, he lets the music act as the conduit to assist him in achieving this admirable goal. ‘Transparency Pt. 2’ will be released later in 2017, comprising a collection of live recordings. A six episode, interview-style documentary covering the making of ‘Transparency’ is also available for viewing on the artist’s official website at

Isaiah Jamel music incorporates elements of soul, R&B, jazz, pop and rock, and as one might have already surmised by the sheer number of genres listed, there’s nothing limiting about Jamel’s music. On the contrary the singer-songwriter’s work encompasses it all, and then some.

Perhaps none more so than what audiences across generations may find to be his most accessible, mature, and creatively rich listening experience to-date, ‘Transparency Pt. 1’. Everything on this recording is elevated. From the productions to the arrangements, songwriting and singing.

Jamel’s vocals are themselves technically exact, caressing, and powerful when necessary. His instincts on when to sing it out loud or just letting the power of the lyric be enough in the moment of spiritual blossoming, is impeccable.

The emotionally jarring anthem, “Refugee,” is a prime example of when Jamel turns up the volume to assault all of your senses, while the soulfully organic “Show Me”, as well as “My Moment” just lets the voice speak to you.

Isaiah Jamel is testimony in movement, working to connect, motivate, and inspire the people, with positive messages of love and devotion, whether the listener is Christian or not. It’s clear that Jamel is a socially conscious artist, he’s also a beacon of light capable of speaking directly or in metaphors and spiritual language, which help to explain his messages.

And there are plenty of profound messages to be communicated here.  In a time where lyrical content can be degrading and portray a lifestyle of hedonistic living, Jamel seeks to pull us out of the mental and moral gutter.

From the dynamically stimulating “Can’t Let Go”, to the lusciously warm, “Never Let Me Go” and the heartrending “No Greater Love”, this album offers an irresistible package of worship-oriented songs. Yet you’ll never get the sensation that you’re being preached to.

Simply because sermonizing from a pulpit is not exactly what this man does. Instead Jamel brings his own experiences to the table, which is a whole lot easier to relate to when you’re ‘looking from the outside in’.

In summary, ‘Transparency Pt. 1’ is an album born of pure human emotion. It truly speaks to the soul of any listener, young or old. Whether this is your first time listening to Isaiah Jamel or you are a faithful follower, this record will be a great addition to any playlist.

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