P.R-Dubb: “Shake That” reflects a deep club anthem!

P.R-Dubb aka Preech was born in Brooklyn, New York where he was raised on the Flatbush East Side by his clothing designer mother. He started in the music industry as a dancer, fell in love with hip hop and became a rap artist traveling around cities looking for his break. He entered the entertainment industry via different opportunities, like starting up BlockReportDVD as a video personality, and interviewing many well-known as well as underground artist at the well-known BBKings and various venues in New York City. P.R-Dubb also cut a demo, released some tracks and videos, as well as venturing and as far out as Canada, U.K. and Italy to broaden his musical horizons.

P.R-Dubb’s journey put him on the path to meet up with BlackRob LL Cool J, who kept him motivated, as well as opening up for the legendary Biggie Smalls, in Petersburg Virginia. Another curious fact regarding this fascinating artist, is that during the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, P.R Dubb acted as personal security for many artists, including Lil Kim, Puffy Combs, DMX, Nas, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, Eddie Murphy, and The LOX.

P.R-Dubb is currently promoting the single, “Shake That”, taken from the album “Xonerated”. This track makes P.R-Dubb the ideal urban crossover star. He’s a clean-cut but versatile vocalist, equally capable of unleashing a barrage of threats or delivering a bouquet of lover-man promises. “Shake That” will sound equally at home on an American radio station or in a Jamaican club, as the track is infused with urban edge and a Caribbean influenced rhythm. It sits squarely between a hip-hop banger and a dance-hall twerk machine.

As you can read from his bio, it’s been a long road for P.R-Dubb, but his ready to explode onto the charts, and just about anywhere else. “Shake That” delivers the sweet sound of a hot and heavy summer while it reflects a deep club anthem. As the crossover track exposes more of its verses and choruses, audiences can feel the pulse of the artist’s pride in this venture. From the club to the crib, this high caliber tune takes the listener through an uncharted mix of provocative sensations. Not only are his flow and rhymes top-notch, he also has a good singing voice.

And as things are heating up for P.R-Dubb, he will no doubt continue blending his butter-smooth melodies with hard-hitting beats and catchy punch lines on the album. He’s moving up to another level with lyrics and beats that will have you bopping in your head way before you even get to hit the dancefloor!

You can grab the single directly on CDBABY.

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