Emy Cee: “Excuse Me Mr” – reintroducing soul music!

Recording Artist Emy Cee released her new single “Excuse Me Mr”, on November 17th 2017.  The track produced by Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production, LLC, with music and lyrics birthed by Emy Cee, shares the old as time experience of fella’s being mesmerized by cleavage a little too long. The single which represents a brand new sound for the US Military Veteran, will also be backed by an official video set to drop on December 1, 2017. The visual was directed by Actor/Director Adrian Martinez, (Focus, Blacklist Redemption), who also directed Emy Cee in his feature film debut, ‘iGilbert,’ in which he stars alongside Dascha Polanco (Orange Is the New Black).  Emy has a singing/speaking role and is also the film’s music supervisor.

“Excuse Me Mr” offers an honorable balance between something old, and something new. This song is sassy, strong, dismissive, assertive, and defiant in the face of a male dominated world. Where guys tend to dictate the actual working rules of courting and relationships, and women end up tailoring their expectations, this song is about setting the rules, finding a man that can control their primal instincts. Guys that can look a woman straight in the eye, and not just concentrate on their bust-line. This anthem should be a ringtone for all women.

Showing that she has musical, as well as vocal range, we get some more familiar sounding R&B and Soul elements thrown into this energetic package as well – horns and harmonies populate the arrangement that is also blessed with a super funky groove and hand-clapping beat.

As commanding as her lead is, Emy Cee is assisted with superb backing vocals, which play a vital role in establishing the old-school, throwback vibe.  But when she steps on the throttle showcasing the full character of her voice with that sexy rasp – she’s capable of bringing the house down.

Emy Cee is balanced, delivering with a cool bite, as oxymoronic as that may sound.  She knows when to ‘break a sweat,’ and when to ‘pack a punch’ – the mark of a captivating, compelling performance.

She has huge shoes to fill in, as this is the kind of quality stuff Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan brought to the table in their heyday. Given her elite musicianship and vocal cords, Emy Cee does them justice in her wheelhouse.  There’s an extra rawness within her vocal performance, which amplifies the authenticity of this retro record.

Once again, the production work by Dante Lattanzi truly stands out, particularly given the live instrumentation type quality of this recording. All in all, Emy Cee brings the heat on “Excuse Me Mr”.  Throughout its course, she never loses focus, with her mind pinpointed on preserving and in some respects, reintroducing soul music.

Listen with your favorite streaming service here: https://ffm.to/excusememr


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