Dobie: “Heart Of Glass (Remix)” – energy charged trance!

Dance music as we know it today consists of many varied genres and subgenres. Some are loved, some are hated while others are totally overlooked. Trance is one genre that evokes passion amongst many dance music aficionados. You either love it or you hate it but at the end of the day it comes down to personal taste. Trance, in the euphoric sense, has always been my first love where electronic music is concerned. It evokes emotions within me that no other style has managed to do. But don’t get me wrong, not all trance is brilliant or even good. There are those tracks that have been simply created to make a quick dollar or two.

However, a truly brilliant piece of trance music will always emerge from a sea of mediocrity and standout as an instant classic. One such artist that I feel has consistently produced such music is the award winning producer – Vjeran aka Dobie.

Dobie has just dropped his latest project, “Heart Of Glass (Remix)” which has made its way all up to the top of the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Charts. You don’t have to look at the track information to know that this is a Dobie release. It’s a big-room trance stomper with a pounding drumbeat that’s sure to get crowds moving.

An energetic club track which builds with anticipation, it’s everything you’d expect from the Unsigned Only 2017 winner. Although he’s released uplifting and melodic tunes in the past, Dobie signs a much harder track in this remix.

Thumping percussion and thick synths make for an uplifting, multi-dimensional track, which falls into a deep drop before exploding into full force momentum. Featuring a thunderous kick and throbbing bassline, as well as some rather menacing synths and stabs, “Heart Of Glass (Remix)” sounds like an intense fusion of trance and techno.

And should see Dobie’s success continue uninterruptedly. This is not hands-in-the-air and thoughtful reflection though, as in keeping with Dobie’s unique ability to rock a crowd, the track’s theme is relentless energy.

Perfectly suited to Dobie’s style of music, it allows him to exercise his love for powerful drops, intricate melodies and deep, pounding drums while retaining all the track epic qualities and vocal depth. Nothing gets feet moving on the dancefloor quite like an energy charged trance record – with a soaring melody and build-ups that take you to dizzying heights this remix is guaranteed to get the entire club jumping.


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