Ohio’s Magnificent 7 – The New Wave of Urban Music!

As the year is already 3 months deep, we’ve gotten a ton of great music and a load of insight into the high potential this year is putting onto our tables. It’s clear that 2017 laid the groundwork for many artists expecting to come out in a major way in 2018. The new wave of hip hop, R&B, and urban music in general is being firmly established by, and with these artists. Furthermore, we live in an era in which rap and hip hop music is no longer considered simply a continuative component of the “old school” hip hop culture. With the genre continuously expanding and evolving, it’s always unclear where exactly we’re headed, but there’s enough artists out there to give everyone what they want. Lyricism? It’s there. Club hits? It’s there. Conscious music? It’s there too.

In the past previous years, hip hop and R&B cultivated a path for newcomers, many whom are now household names thanks to Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram and other social platforms. And although, we have our favorites on our daily radar, there’s several talents that have the potential to blow up. With that said, we wanted to highlight a batch of artists from Columbus Ohio, we think fit that mold and will finally take off in 2018. The incredible thing is that these buzzing fellows and a lady, all belong to one collaborative unit. Get out your pen and paper, or whatever digital means you use to write and make a note of these names K-Son Judah, Chele, Richie Hardo, Antonio Lamar, Brandon Chase, Lou-Is and Des, under the tag, ‘artists on the move’.

K-Son Judah (Artist, producer, songwriter, engineer): Currently working on his first EP dated for 2nd quarter 2018 entitled “Perception”. He spends a lot of his time assisting on projects with mixing and mastering, as well as on the business side of things. But be aware he is not to be slept on by any means when it comes to production or being an artist. Definitely a cerebral artist. K-Son drops many jewels of knowledge among his straight verses, showing that conscious hip hop is resurrecting in a way that is not preachy or pretentious. If you’re sick of the sesame street rappers saying the same words over and over. Here is K-Son Judah. He tells stories that is hip hop. He makes you think and see the various levels to life. If you can’t relate then you’re not there yet. He sprinkles his music with captivating samples and strong beats, and gives it all a unified sound and sonic identity.

LINKS: K-Son Judah – Facebook: k-son Judah – IG: Ksonjudah – Twitter: ksonjudah – Website: ksonjudah.com

Chele (Artist, vocalist, songwriter): Currently promoting her first major project “Dreaming” available on all streaming platforms while touring and performing. Do not let her femininity fool you, Chele packs a mighty big punch. She brings her Columbus Ohio flair to urban music with a blended brazen and sensual attitude that commands attention. Her feisty lyrics, energetic and silky smooth vocal deliveries are enough to get anyone amped about anything. There can be no doubt that 2018 will see her having her fan-base growing by the minute. Chele is equipped with more than enough talent and finesse to make waves in R&B and Pop. Embodying a style that is very much urban, but also dripping with elements of a full-blown star, Chele is setting herself apart with each and every move she makes.

LINKS: Ig: C_l_e_o_n_a – Website: chelemusic.com

Richie Hardo (Producer, artist): Currently working on production for in-camp projects and other artist as well. Known for his drum patterns he is setting a certain prestige for himself already. Richie is one of those producers that you can hear through his beats is just having a great time making music. He is not afraid to experiment and just make stuff that he vibes with. What impresses me most about Richie is the way he carefully sound selects, arranges his beats and introduces multiple subtle melodies within the beat. This world can be very mundane and monotonous which is why I believe it’s so important to have producers like Richie Hardo spark and surface emotions in us that we normally don’t expose. If you love music that brings you back to your core, Ritchie has the beats to match that feeling. This dude is going to have a big 2018 for sure.

LINKS: Website: www.richiehardo.com

Antonio Lamar (Artist, vocalist, songwriter): currently finishing up “8hr Grind” his first major release, while touring and performing. Project slated for early 2nd quarter 2018, his first single off the EP, “Gravity” is currently available on all streaming platforms. This is a captivating recording. The project showcases the singer’s growth and understanding of how to use his pen and clever melodies to enthrall his listeners. Whether man or woman, he uses storytelling and niche melody arrangements to keep the music lover tuned in. The paints and canvases that Antonio uses in his music are well established in the classic R&B genre. In being so defined, they allow the artist to deliver goods that can both be incredibly groundbreaking, and especially pleasing to the ear. Antonio Lamar is one of those type of performers that no matter how much musical expectations shift, his level of execution impressively remains the same.

LINKS: IG: thisisantoniolamar – Twitter: iamantoniolamar – Snapchat: thamm710 – Facebook: Antonio Lamar

Brandon Chase (Artist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, engineer): Currently working on his 1st major project while also assisting other artist on theirs as well. Working more behind the scenes Brandon occasionally steps in the limelight to show he is a multi-talented artist. His R&B album “Part 1 in the Insomnia Trilogy” is a great product, illustrative of a great vocalist and entertainer. Brandon is an absolutely powerful and passionate singer and you hear it in every song. And when you consider the amount of skill that is used throughout the album; it’s quite an impressive piece of work. From track one to the last cut, Brandon Chase shows himself to be a vocalist of considerable range and talent, and the production is always top-notch. Brandon is the sort of artist that gives you hope when you think about the words “popular modern music”.

LINKS: IG: mistapoetic – Website: Brandonchase-music.com

Lou-Is (Artist, songwriter, producer, engineer): Currently promoting his project “808 Love”, available on all streaming platforms, while producing for other artists, as well as his next EP while touring, performing an expanding his clothing and shoes lines. Lou-Is has collaborations with artists like Pleasure P., DJ Unk, 8 Ball, Krayzie, Bizzy & Layzie Bone, Yo Gotti and others under his belt. On “808 Love” Lou-Is delivers all his inborn skills. With passion, fire, and melodic intensity, He demonstrates the numerous facets of his artistic personality, including writing, producing, and performing. The sound is the further evolution of Lou-Is’ charismatic, rhythmic and melodic strength. This album is a collection of driving dance-floor movers, sensuous midnight ballads, and even pop-leaning fare where Richie Hardo and the rest of the Ohio crew brought their talents to the table.

LINKS: IG: louistime – Facebook: louistimemusic – Twitter: lou_istime – Website: www.Lou-IsTime.com – Snap: louistime – YouTube: officiallouis

Des (Producer): He and his production partner Fliccs are working on production for their team and outside artists as well. Plus they have an upcoming instrumental EP entitled “Visionary Riches” under construction, for which no official release date has been set yet. But be on the lookout because their production has drawn attention from some of the music industry’s heavy hitters. A listen to “A Trap & a Dream” (feat. Des & Fliccs) off of the “The Original Soundtrack To Trap Wars: The Trap Menace Episode 1” album, will quickly give you the measure of the bass driven drive Des loads into his production. Carving out his niche, a progression-focused work ethic should see Des’ tag being heard a lot more in the coming months. One thing’s for sure: if you see a track with Des’ name attached to the production credit, it’ll be on constant repeat.

LINKS: IG: desisdope

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