Brandon Wolf Hill: “Don’t Leave Me” – a knotty, emotional theme

Minnesota rapper Brandon Wolf Hill recently released the track “Don’t Leave Me,” which is an ode to his friend Jared Hammell of Minneapolis, who passed on December 28, 2017.  The track is an intimate one, unfolding slowly and unearthing an edgy melancholy which is shared with an audience of one – you. The fragility of life and particularly that of loneliness, shapes the frustration and desperation that permeates the track. Low on frills, and rich with introspection, Brandon’s latest creation will immediately resonate with listeners. The song opens ominously with sprawling guitars and a forlorn harmonica backed a heart-beating drum and a harmonious hook.

“Don’t Leave Me,” is thoughtful and insular, but the delivery is grand; it’s a deceptively well-layered song. The benefit of being such a voracious student of his craft is that he gets better with every release. He’s an austere guy who does best when he’s cutting loose, so this is an exercise in getting the knotty, emotional theme of the song as sharp as possible.

Even as he works to reach higher artistic heights, Brandon Wolf Hill doggedly remains anchored to the ground, relatability being his main goal. You can hear this statement of purpose shine through this track.

As the song progresses, instead of focusing on technical embellishments, you can feel his priorities change, his mission pivoting from being a simple showman to being a mouthpiece for a personal tragedy, a life changing event. “Don’t Leave Me,” is also a firm commitment to a larger cause.

Brandon privileges a universal message towards families, friends, and strangers, lingering on the ubiquity of death without calling out for help. Through his heartfelt storytelling, individual pain and grief quickly become collective experiences shared by all listeners.

Underneath, “Don’t Leave Me,” is also about empathy, and how society easily writes off people without trying to understand what leads them to the paths they end up on. The complexity of this experience allows such a labyrinth of feelings and thoughts that how Brandon Wolf Hill frames this narrative borders more on his clear understanding of this dilemma than simple condescension.

This sounds like Brandon truly expressing who he is deep inside. A person who sees society for what it is. An artist who brings attention to all the private dilemmas we live through in our relationships, homes, neighborhoods, and society as a whole. He sees a situation of hopelessness and misery, and is trying to find a way out of it.

“Don’t Leave Me,” is yet another display of Brandon Wolf Hill artistry and storytelling skills. His ability to tell another person’s story through music while at the same time interweaving his own personal experiences and thoughts into the track is amazing.

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