Sliver: “Empty Plate” showcases everything special about the band

Sliver is a rock band from Ioannina, Greece formed by Sotiris Skopoulis in 2016 – the same year they released their debut album titled “Without Wings”. As you progress through the band’s catalog of songs, you will notice that they cover a wide range of rock styles – tracks with a rockier, urgent pace and rapid fire guitar soloing, which are followed by the cloying sentimentality of slower melodic arrangements, exemplifying the songwriting skills of the project that will no doubt attract many melodic rock fans. You will be sold on the soul and emotion packed into the guitar-filled embraces of their songs.

Sliver balance on a knife’s edge between melodic and bombast and they somehow succeed, by their sheer determination, empathy and pure, openhearted joy of playing and singing, all brought to life by superb songwriting skills. Their song, “Empty Plate” showcases everything special about the band.

Right from the opening orchestral-type guitar rise to the acoustic momentum, it shines through that here is something pure and simple in the joy and magic of their music. Yet, to call it simple would be misleading, it takes a special talent to create something as beautiful and confident as this, a talent that few have. Songwriter Sotiris Skopoulis has it in spades though and puts it to full use here.

He is aided by Christos Pappas who arranged, mixed and produced the track, ably and beautifully sung by Christofer, who opens the eloquent lyric sheet with these surefooted lines: “They come to this world, It ain’t their fault / But they pay your crimes / When you look into their eyes, No hate no lies / Only a why, why we? Why their plate is empty, Why your’s has gold on it? Embrace yourselves tonight, All kids of the same god.”

Soutiris has a unique ability to write songs, which will resonate with you. You will become enchanted with his ability to nail certain emotions in his music. He is one of the rare songwriters, who has a deeply empathic, honest approach and it shines through in both his lyrics and music.

Listening through “Empty Plate”, it feels like everything comes from the heart, without thought of how others might react, simply the truth as Sliver sees it, passing it on to anyone who feels like listening. It gives the music a special warmth and a feeling of soul, and deep down, it just feels honest, and that is something I appreciate.

The voice and music is made of deep valleys and soaring peaks. The one clearly made for the other. As the two mesh, a chill of epic proportions will rise along your spine and with it, a triumphant feeling of pure joy. It is the power of music and you will relish in those moments.

Christofer sings with a ton of emotion, and the way he eases the song from verse to chorus is so impressive. “Empty Plate” showcases the immense sweeping guitar grandeur, which is a Sliver specialty. From song to song, they don’t drift from their captivating melodic rock formula, they only tweak it and take it to the next level, making it even better. You can’t argue with the quality of their material.

The current line up of Sliver is: Sotiris Skopoulis:guitar and backing vocals, Xristos Karabinas:guitars, Olympia Stefou:violin, George Tsakanikas:bass, Evangelos Goulas:Drums


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