Bionic: “Change” (ft. Matt Martino) – magically mystical!

There’s something very special about Bionic. He comes along seemingly out of nowhere (at least from my perspective) and then produces a track like “Change” (ft. Matt Martino) – which takes the medium of popular music in an interestingly fresh direction. It could be argued this song is a hyper-cool pop tune with a chilled electronic twist…or even the other way around, depending on your particular ear fetish. Truth is, I can’t remember the last time a song displayed such massive sensual, soothing power, while actually lifting the spirits. All while investigating the contrasting intricacies of an intensely intimate relationship.

That’s one hell of a combination, and what ultimately makes the almost four minutes of music, written and produced by Bionic, mixed by Erik Madrid (Khalid, Sia, Demi Lovato, Kehlani etc.), and sung by Matt Martino, so magically mystical.

For his debut single, Bionic comes with just the right tools to get off the ground running. The London born and raised creative obtained his BSc degree in Music Technology, at the University Of Kent. He was awarded a full scholarship thus graduating with a masters in Popular Music (Production) in 2016.

The record producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has produced and engineered for various artists, affording him a broad vision of his craft. Both Bionic, and the single, “Change” (ft. Matt Martino), contain the powerful ‘e’ words – eclectic, esoteric and entertaining.

“Change” (ft. Matt Martino) is a successful attempt to find approachability, while aiming for the edges of pop, chill and electronica and pushing beyond these genres interstellar limits. The push-me-pull-me rhythmic fluidity blends neatly with the stop-and-start, silky falsetto vocals.

There is a feeling of total mastery and confidence throughout the record. Percussion is prominent while the icy chill of the synths dominates, providing a sleekness that is alluring. The release is immediately relatable, epic, triumphant and approachable.

The sound on “Change” (ft. Matt Martino) circles around yearning, nostalgia and a wide-eyed atmospheric romanticism. The track is breathtakingly crisp and sleek with Bionic, Erik Madrid and Matt Martino each supplying an important piece to the sum of the sonic impression. T

he track is loaded with an understated but exultant emotion that seems to expand slowly, but steadily, in an infinite manner. The almost blissful melancholy of this dream electronica sound, is hypnotic, producing the sensation of slipping the surly bonds of gravity and floating into mid-air. A good set of headphones will reveal even more about this theory.

“Change” (ft. Matt Martino) serves a purpose similar to that of an introspective movie scene – slow and refracted while building to a deep and expansive conclusion. This song showcases the technical entanglement Bionic creates between melodic, rhythmic and narrative structure.

Subsequently gathering momentum and shifting pressure, the song’s ambience reaches through the speakers and into our physical realm. Where it demands to be perceived. Bionic is certainly at the top of the heap when considering the performers of this particular musical styling. Not bad for someone on his official debut.



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