“Innovation” – a menagerie of vocal talent and Voluptas Mors production magic!

In this age of niche marketing it’s refreshing to encounter an album that defies the usual categories. Voluptas Mors’ 8 track “Innovation” album which has its official release on the 19th of October 2018 could comfortably find its way into a number of record store racks – soul, jazz, urban, or conceivably even world music—yet you will find it lodged in the electronic section, a testament to this project’s open door policy: if it’s got a groove, this duo will make it happen. This collection of songs quickly lures you, mirage-like, to its moods and textures — mellifluous in melody, lush and layered. The vocals are sweet, rich and blended to a flavored pulp. The music’s masterful arrangements, and its breath-taking production, makes for much more than ultra-sophisticated listening. It’s a soul-stirring Triphop experience.

The pearl-like musical settings of the opening tune “She Moves”, carries just enough of a hint of grit to rise above the finely-honed backdrop that surrounds it. It milks delicious guitar riffs, entwining ripples of electric piano with a sweeping harmonica. The female vocals lend a torch song quality to the proceedings.

Two minutes into the song, and you will already know that Voluptas Mors make blissful, groove-based music for the soul. Do you wish you could feel like yesterday, tomorrow and the present moment blend in to forge an unforgettable instant of bliss, of untouchable joy? Listen to “Kisses In The Rain”.

If you want to feel what music can do when it is simple, tasty but above all real and full of candidness, try this fine piece. A voice in this upbeat track is a means to entice, the music with its driving bassline is a means to get emotions flooding through your body.

“Let’s Go To The River” also has a quirky, nostalgic-like twist which gets your mind wandering in several paths of your present and past life. But in the end, it just connects back to what touches us all: the simple things – an impressive beat, smooth vocals and scintillating keys.

The songs are varied and complex enough that you’ll never get tired of it, even after hundreds of listens. Because of this, it works as well on headphones or in the background. Smooth vocals, and entrancing instrumentals make Voluptas Mors unparalleled in their genre.

“Looking For The True” weaves a lush, warm and nearly hypnotic spell on your senses. This again showcases how much depth Voluptas Mors has in its music. “My Desire For You” is spacey, sensual, and sexy, one of the true album standouts. Apart from the chilled thump of the music, the vocals do it for me.

The towering fleshed-out instrumentation and wistful echoing vocals of “Looking For Some Love” bounces from emotion to emotion. This is what happens when musical beauty, bliss, and Zen collide. While there are gorgeous soundscapes here and the musicianship is flawless, the extra dynamics are offered by the incredible vocal talent that Voluptas Mors has chosen to translate their music.

You’ll be gripped by the sonic journey captured on the edgy “Falling Down”, and then be enchanted by the slippery piano ethic woven into “Right Time”. At many junctures what seem to be complicated sonic structures sound like fluid dreams of freshly lived emotions.

In an era when most artists are yelling and screaming to get our attention, Voluptas Mors has put out an album of thoughtful, artfully performed music. Eclectic, ambient, mood inducing and soulful sounds all in various deviations which will surely get the music lover going. In fact, “Innovation” is really a complex menagerie of awesome vocal talent and that notorious Voluptas Mors production magic.

MORE ABOUT: Voluptas Mors is a Barcelona based recording artist and producer whose supporting vocalists were formed at the beginning of 2017. The dynamic group emerges into the entrancing world of electronic music, with their own unique and exclusive project. Their innovative musical style combines elements of trip-hop, downtempo, chill lounge and nu-jazz, with a small pop music influence. Members Ramon (producer, keyboards, guitars) and Laura (producer, electronic drums, percussion) both incorporated their extensive musical backgrounds into the project to create something beautiful.


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