Sassin: ‘Passion & Anguish’ is a full-spectrum experience

Sassin, the CEO of Indie record label Track Monstaz Entertainment, was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and was raised in New Jersey spending time in both South & North Jersey. In 2011 Sassin relocated Tampa Florida area. An experienced hip-hop artist, producer and recording engineer, he has released 2 studio albums – ‘Bi-Schizo’, ‘Passion & Anguish’, an EP entitled ‘The Passion EP’, and a plethora of solo and group mixtapes.  The 18 track album ‘Passion & Anguish’, is a full-spectrum experience. Not only is Sassin an antenna for his surroundings, picking up the subliminal level realities in life, but he shows a supreme love for rhyming. His lyrics are clever, engaging, and on point with the beat. And the beats on this record overall, are excellent. In fact the best beats are the ones that truly gets Sassin’s lyrical assault armed.

Right from the opening “Intro” track, it’s clear that Sassin is a paradoxical figure, equal parts old-school battle rapper and new-school prophet. Sassin is at his most entertaining when indulging his eccentricities. While most rappers try to only stress their hardcore street knowledge, Sassin has a persona that stresses not only his undeniable strengths as a lyricist, but his knowledge of distinct societal and behavioral topics.

Something he already showcases on the aggressively insightful “Prescription”. And while the rapper’s long, complex verses can be breathtaking, he’s also able to make you “Bounce” on the following track.

But every song is a showcase for Sassin’s supreme lyricism and flow on this album. In fact, the nasty flow returns with even more venom on “Ridin’ Round” ft. C a Dolla & Dash and “They Gettin’ Off”. Many of the album’s most indelible moments match

Sassin’s urgent polysyllabic flow to cultural and conscious subject matter. Some of these moments come hard and fast on tracks like “Acapella – Acapella” and “Disease”. At the same time though, Sassin knows how to throw down a banger. So from the moment “Take A Ride” kicks in, there’s no looking back.

The production becomes more cinematic, layered and fleshed out, while the tracks are more soulful and melodic. “Call This Life” ft. Kafeeno and “Control of You” is packed with smooth R&B elements meant to send you into eargasm, before Sassin gets back to his lyrical grind on “Passion” and “Complicated” packed with an unfathomable amount of metaphors and rhymes.

Not just content in bringing tons of clever words together, Sassin explores the serious theme of cancer in “Disease”. Overall there are plenty sharp verses and dope head nodding beats to be found here.

The former can be found on “Sensei” and “Hop Out”, while the latter is most evident on “She So Bad” and “How It Is”. “Forget Your Feelings” ft. Don Rivera and “Escape” ft. Kandid Lyrics, highlights the great strengths of an enigmatic rapper. Lilting drums, warm keys and strings provide the backdrop for final track, and the wordplay is totally off the charts.

This is easily one of the better joints here. This album holds your attention from start to finish because of the lyrics, and then the music, as well as the solid production all throughout. It’s so rare nowadays to have an album that has such integrity from front to back. In that regard ‘Passion & Anguish’ more than fascinates.

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