Nymphya & Lacunae Glow: “Song Of Sirens” – a transcendental soundscape

For over the past 6 months, California-based Cinematic Art-Pop recording artist Nymphya and Australia-based Ethereal Chillwave Pop recording artist Lacunae Glow, both solo women producer /singer / songwriters, have been toiling behind the scenes, in their studios, while sharing files across the globe, to bring forth a new story of mythological and ethereal beauty: a Cinematic Art-Pop / Ethereal Chill Wave single `Song of Sirens’.

The single artwork

The song is built around a lush, dramatic, and transcendental soundscape. The whole thing is long on vocal technique – Nymphya’s voice sounds fantastic and elastic, while the production is fuller than ever – and even longer on lyrical insights. Frankly, with Nymphya making revolutionary moves like finding and recording this track with the Lacunae Glow, she may not really need to be making revolutionary lyrical moves, especially when her voice is as exquisite as it is throughout `Song of Sirens’, but she does.

There are artists who may not make major mainstream splashes, but that dedicated audiences just can’t get enough of – singers that have such a depth of feeling in their music that fans want every piece of music that artists has ever created their hands in. From the first time you hear her, you know that Nymphya is going to be one of those special artists. Her music is stunningly beautiful – layered, clean, crisp, and dreamy, yet succinct. Her voice pierces the sound spectrum with pure crystalline force in a chilling hymnal-like aura that paints colorful strokes.

As with most songs that have such captivating appeal, `Song of Sirens’ isn’t an accomplishment strictly because of its words, voices and music, but because of the way that all the pieces fit together with those elements. This recording is a great example of how being generous with one’s music can come back in ways one might never expect. The to and fro recordings, between continents, which lasted 6 months, plus the combined vocal and musical skills of Nymphya and Lacunae Glow, deliver a rich and glowing arrangement that pushes the boundaries of each artist’s comfort zone.


Both women have a deft sense of song construction, with parts that link together in revelatory ways – including the 16 layers of vocals. The quiet confidence that laces every moment of `Song of Sirens’ is well founded. The production’s ability to add luscious and haunting instrumentation, without detracting from Nymphya and Lacunae Glow’s vocal strengths characterizes every bar of the song. In addition, Nymphya, together with engineer and co-producer Ray Schaeffer, manages to capture their ability to multi track harmonize effortlessly, adding a serene ethereal feel to every moment. `Song of Sirens’ is well worth investigation.

The Story Behind ‘Songs of Sirens’
Nymphya and Lacunae Glow share an interest in the mystical and otherworldly aspects of music and art, and explain how they first connected through a music community group on Facebook: After hearing Nymphya’s album and being inspired by the underwater cover art of her Dream Dance release, Lacunae Glow messaged Nymphya asking if she’d like to collaborate on a project she envisioned entitled `Song of Sirens’. Nymphya was immediately intrigued by the offering, since a Siren is also known as a Sea Nymph, and having taken her name from the mythological nature spirits known as Nymphs, she couldn’t resist exploring it further.

Once she listened to Lacunae Glow’s oceanic Chillwave Cerulean Superus album, Nymphya fell in love with both the music and Lacunae Glow’s productions and vocals. So, she accepted, and a couple of weeks later, Lacunae Glow sent Nymphya, via cloud sharing platforms, the music files for the framework of the song and the first verse. Not only was Nymphya impressed by how quickly Lacunae Glow delivered, she also immediately loved the concept and the music, and sat down the next day to write and record the next verse, sending her files back to Lacunae Glow, halfway around the globe, to Australia.  And so it began, a collaboration that extended for 6 months of file sharing, arranging, writing, and recording, ultimately adding 16 layers of vocals to the finished product.  To complete the piece, Nymphya brought in her bassist and mixing engineer / co-producer, Ray Schaeffer, along with drummer Anthony Flores, to record bass and drums in their San Francisco studio.

Lacunae Glow

‘Song of Sirens’ explores the euphoric and ethereal nature of the feminine aspect that draws their partners into intimacy, diving deep into the metaphoric ocean of emotional connection, with mermaids representing the protagonists. The two singer/ producers focused on creating haunting and beautiful siren vocals, blending with each other and panned in the mix to surround you as you get absorbed into their underwater, otherworldly place of beauty, and ultimately, peace.

MORE ABOUT: Nymphya is an Ethereal, Baroque – Pop recording artist with worldbeat, classical and experimental influences. She has performed on the world’s operatic stages, and has appeared on MTV and The Tonight Show as well as opened for multiple artists, including Todd Rundgren and George Benson. Her producing style is fed by her classical background as well as her experience as a pop vocalist, using lush harmonies and unexpected instrumental palettes that paint a unique sonic picture, causing Rawckus Magazine to write: “Sonically what has been created here sounds unique, an admirable accomplishment in and of itself”. Nymphya’s debut album Dream Dance, which takes the listener on a hero’s journey, using eclectic beats, soaring vocals, haunting soundscapes, and captivating samples, is available streaming on Spotify or for purchase in the form of a limited edition, signed, deluxe CD.

MORE ABOUT: Lacunae Glow is an Ethereal, Chillwave Pop recording artist. Her music is inspired by the summer, the sea, the sky, and being present in the moment. Lacunae Glow’s vocals have been described as Angelic and Atlantean, and her unique chillout vibe takes you away in a hypnotic trance of space and peace. Her albums are available here.


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