Deep C Divers: “We’re All Americans” – awesome instrumentals, excellent vocals!

Deep C Divers are a Boston-based original rock band that blends alternative and classic rock with elements of funk and reggae tempered by pop sensibility. The band is made of Deep Chinapp – lead singer, songwriter, composer, rhythm guitarist, and occasional percussionist. Paul Erlich – lead guitar and is an occasional keyboardist. Gregg Marcus who plays the bass and drummer John Bordage. I wasn’t expecting their EP, “We’re All Americans” to be as good as it is, but I really love this recording and think it has a lot to offer. No two songs on here feel generic or similar, and every song has a different, powerful message. If you’re introducing someone to this hybrid genre blend, this is one of the best representations you can supply. If music is your drug of choice, then this is without a doubt the dose you should be getting. Musically speaking you get some awesome instrumentals, while the vocals are clear, loud and resonant.

The fusion of styles and song craft on “We’re All Americans” works to forge a sound which should make immediate ripples through the rock world and beyond…if this was the real world, that is. Unfortunately we’re in the cyber world manufactured templated music. Everyone works from an established blueprint and then elaborates their clones just a little bit.

Deep C Divers sound like fresh and unassuming rockers who don’t take themselves too seriously. The band step up to the plate, and write with maturity and consideration, leading to brilliantly melodic and guitar-centric musical documents that switch styles from track to track.

“My Luv” kicks things of with jangly guitars a steady mid-tempo beat and soulful vocals. It is the perfect introduction to the shining treasures Deep C Divers harbor in their musical toolkit. If there’s one thing that drew me to this track, it was the clever layering of all the different instruments to create an emotional atmosphere to really dive into.

The quirky upbeat cacophony of “In The Bubble” is catchy enough to just fall into the easy listening, rock n’ roll category, but has an almost overwhelming amount of guitar-driven meat on its bones that would demand your full attention if you wanted to dissect it all.

Deep C Divers’ big selling point hinges on the band’s lineup, consisting of your standard quartet of drums, bass, guitars and vocals. Meaning there is no excess bullshit that does not belong in rock n’ roll. This is pure unadulterated songwriting and performance, sans superfluous bells and whistles.

“It’s No Secret” introduces some subtle reggae flavors, and plenty of melody and harmony, for another catchy sonic trip. It offers a tight piece of playing with swift tonal and tempo changes, showcasing Deep C Divers’ ability to stay in the pocket at all times. Now take a second to think of all the musical directions a lineup like this could go.

Next up comes the title track, “We’re All Americans”, which rides in on a rolling bassline, and then explodes into a crunchy anti-conformist, almost punk-type anthem carrying a bag-load of social and political connotations. A catchy earworm of a chorus gives some immediate cohesion to “Livin’ My Life” – a track that once again highlights the skills and forceful personality of lead vocalist Deep Chinapp.

Figuring out all the little subtleties, in what appears to be a straightforward rock band, is what makes this EP such a fun, rewarding and fulfilling listen. It just has more to give beneath its deceptively simple surface, and more to discover than your average rock album.


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