Nick Panchuk – effortlessly entertaining and endlessly accessible

Nick Panchuk was born in Russia, where he lived until he was 17 years old. Eventually, he moved away to Australia, where he has been based in Brisbane for the past 11 years. Passionate about music that’s made with melody and energy, Nick’s influences blurs the lines between acts as diverse as Ronan Keating, Imagine Dragons, and Linkin Park, a band that’s particularly important to him. Currently working on his debut EP entitled “Invisible Me”, due out in January, Nick Panchuk has released two singles that will be part of the collection – “Bubbles” and “She’s Gone”.

Nick Panchuk shows such diverse understanding of rock and current mainstream pop on these track, a beautiful set of intelligent lyrics, catchy beats and overall impactful music. The fact that Nick can sooth with his vocals and then entice with a significant rhythm and arrangement, is impressive to say the least.

His music contains so many layers of musicality and style that makes it effortlessly entertaining and endlessly accessible. You’ll never want to stop listening to it. Nick brings rich tones to his blend of singer-songwriter, pop and rock. Serving up an edgy energy that permeates each facet of the tracks.

“Bubbles”, a song originally written and performed in Chinese (Mandarin) by a singer called G.E.M, is reworked in English by Nick Panchuk here. The swells on this piano driven, mid-tempo orchestration are so emotionally intoxicating, and the way his voice reaches so many levels is just flawless.

The song has some great lyrical content and a superbly balanced chorus that helps elevate the track and adds a euphoric soar to the overall tenderness that makes it more impactful and relevant. The introductory lines has breathy qualities that show vulnerability, while the arrangement eventually reaches out with such earnestness and near temerity that you can’t help but be swayed by Nick’s every word.

“She’s Gone” is also built on resonant piano chords. It marries a gorgeous bittersweet romantic melody and Nick Panchuk’s passionate vocals which climb endlessly throughout the song. There is a wonderful simplicity to how Nick arranges his music and builds it up with his lyrics, voice and beat.

It’s clear that Nick has been making music for some time. His style and lyrics are very unique, which should never fail to please the listener’s ears. Spinning tales of life and love, his songs – like this one – resonate of pure emotion that you can hear through his singing. His talent is absolutely timeless, and as perfect as humanly possible.

Nick’s ability to tell a vivid story and deliver a great chorus, is stuff only the great singer-songwriters of our time seem to have been blessed with. I have listened to these tracks over and over to the point that I know every word to each song, and can testify that Nick has the aptitude to do just that.

His songwriting and performance profoundness is such that you will see Nick Panchuk’s soul completely bared, and through aural osmosis, you’ll probably discover your own.


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